38 Years in charge: a “fossil” leaves

38 years in charge: a 'fossil' leaves

A lively town needs lively clubs. Herzogenaurach, with a population of just under 25,000, can certainly demonstrate this: around 160 clubs are registered in the largest town in the district. The heimatverein, which itself has about 750 members and is one of the largest heimatvereins in the whole of northern bavaria, is also contributing to this trend.

This is also thanks to a man who has been steering the fortunes of the 116-year-old association for almost four decades: klaus-peter gabelein. Tonight, the now 76-year-old wants to do what he has been jokingly "threatening" to do for years. At the new election for the annual general meeting in the brewery heller he wants to hand over the chairmanship to younger hands.

The succession is settled, he told the FT. Everything else will be revealed after the elections. The long-serving head of the local association is particularly pleased that oldburgermeister hans has taken over the leadership of the election.

Under gabelein’s leadership, the heimatverein has become a permanent fixture in town. Not only are his informative and humorous lectures popular, but so are the many social events at which well-known actors regularly appear. Gabelein is also one of the forerunners of the herzogenaurach city leaders and his excursions have been in demand for years. He does not want to withdraw from that, nor from the association he has grown fond of. And also the "oasch, the dialect series in the FT, he continues to contribute (today, however, the contribution is to him, see below).

After 38 years, gabelein now retires from the front line. He is one of two chairmen in the rough herzogenaurach club landscape who have been in office for so long. Only the beekeeper klaus becker makes it just as long. Bp, mb

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