A sensible decision

A sensible decision

He served on the steinbach town council for 14 years, the last four as second mayor. This is now to be the end. Also surprising for the political environment christian schulz announced his resignation as second mayor and CSU-councillor on wednesday afternoon. A successor for the deputy of the first mayor, klaus loffler, has not yet been determined.
He has lived his mandate intensively, he explained in a conversation with the frankischer tag, he is a steinbacher with body and soul and he knows how to appreciate his homeland. It is noticeable to the 54-year-old that his decision was not easy for him. He wanted to play an active role in shaping his home: "I didn’t just want to talk, I really wanted to do something. That was the impetus for him to get involved in local politics.
"Den schulz", all the citizens of the municipality of steinbach am wald know him. He is an institution in the fire department. For more than 20 years, he has held the office of commander of the steinbach fire department. He sometimes acted as an interface, for example, when it came to cooperation between the local fire departments or presenting the concerns of the firefighters to the community.

A close friendship

Schulz is someone who is not afraid to take on responsibility. He coordinated the rennsteig fair behind the scenes last year together with the mayor, klaus loffler. "His mayor made it easy for him, says schulz in praise of his "boss. Klaus loffler has given him a lot of freedom in his municipal work. In spite of everything, however, he has noticed in recent weeks that he is reaching the limits of his health and cannot switch off from local politics.
"It was an excellent cooperation and an optimal interaction between the first and second burgermeister", says klaus loffler with a mixture of concern and understanding in his voice. The two are linked by a close friendship. "Schulz has done a great job", he praises. What is important now is his health and his family. CSU faction chairman markus loffler speaks of a "full-blooded local politician, who must have found his decision difficult. "I regret the resignation, but I have to accept his decision."

Not an april joke

The deputy chairman of the CSU parliamentary group, thomas loffler (windheim), speaks of a new situation and necessary personnel decisions, which must be met in a meeting. The CSU has several potential candidates for mayor, he said. In view of the fact that the managing official, thomas kotschenreuther, who is considered to be a candidate for mayor, is, like loffler, of the opinion that a deputy mayor and a candidate for mayor do not have to be a personal matter.
"We still have no 1.April", SPD faction chairman klaus neubauer reacted to the resignation of christian schulz. He has worked a lot with schulz in recent months, but there have been no signs that schulz is resigning from office. Neubauer speaks of a loss for the CSU steinbach am wald.
Whether it is now – after a potential successor for the office of mayor has fallen away with schulz – easier for the SPD faction to bring through an SPD candidate in the case of an election of klaus loffler as district administrator, neubauer did not want to say anything about it: "we must first become clear to ourselves within our faction."

Do not anticipate the group

He read it yesterday in the newspaper and was "totally surprised" had been, so the faction leader of the free choice josef hermann. He described schulz as a humanly competent man who was good to work with. Herrmann doubts that schulz’s resignation will increase the chances of the free voters’ candidate for mayor, uwe zipfel: "the municipality is predominantly dominated by the csu."
Loffler did not comment on the future of the CSU in steinbach am wald or who will be his new deputy. He does not want to prejudge his faction. Markus loffler was equally reticent, referring only to a prompt meeting of the parliamentary group.
CSU member of the state parliament jurgen baumgartner, on the other hand, speaks plainly. "I regret the resignation, because schulz is a good guy". Immediately after this rehearsal, he made it clear: "there will be no discussion of a CSU candidate for mayor in steinbach am wald until after the district council elections." As far as the office of municipal councillor is concerned, according to the list, marko scherbel from steinbach am wald will follow up.

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