“Acrobat schooon” on two days

"Phanomenal", a former teacher said. All the visitors were full of superlatives, the "school festival – a different kind of event – the elementary school in maroldsweisach proved to be a train and glamour act. The 40th anniversary of the school building in pfarrweisach was used as an occasion to organize a school festival which – as not only the head of the circus andre lauenburger noted – will be remembered by all those involved for a long time to come.

For a week, members of the lauenburger family and the teachers rehearsed with the children of the eight elementary school classes, and many a classroom was transformed into a small circus ring. Acrobatics, juggling, rope jumping, diabolo, slackline and hula-hoop – and clowns, who also made fun of burgermeister, were on the program.

On friday evening and saturday afternoon, it was time for the show to begin. Parents, grandparents, relatives and acquaintances came to both performances to get an idea of what the little ones had learned in one week.

Who, for example, has never had a "diabolo" before had been holding or juggling plates, suddenly took a liking to these – not infrequently chugging – guesses, and most of them managed to get a little bit better every day. Jumping rope and giving the hula hoop the right swing, overcoming certain fears on the slackline and trying acrobatic exercises again and again were challenges that showed the children their possibilities on the one hand, but also their limits on the other.

Stormy applause rippled through the circus tent when the little artists performed their routines and one could feel the enthusiasm with which each of the little artists presented his performance. The lauenburger family contributed some classic circus acts: horse and dog dressage, acrobatics, clowning, contortionists ("contortionist") and a fascinating fire-eater show.

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