Advent market only virtual

At the annual meeting of the ramsthal trade association, the advent market was on the agenda. In general, those present were pleased with the success of last year’s event. The response of the visitors was also very good.

However, due to the current corona situation and the associated requirements by the licensing authorities, a realization of the market in 2020 is not possible. Therefore, the active decided to cancel the advent market. The specifications and requirements had completely changed the character of the event and brought significant restrictions for stand operators and visitors.

Stand operators present themselves

Helene greubel from the bunten bauernladen suggested to set up a virtual advent market and link it to the homepage of the community. Here stand operators can present their company and offer and stay in the memory of interested visitors. The need for christmas articles exists among customers, she argued. Therefore they are to receive references to the sources of supply in the place without the christmas market. Michael riese from the ramsthal company riese concept agrees to create the corresponding pages free of charge, which will be activated in a short time.

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