After the audit, the 2016 budget in view

For the local audit, the chairman of the audit committee, councillor erich krebs, informed about the annual accounts 2014. No irregularities were found during the spot check that was carried out. Krebs noted that the community-owned forest required a grant of about 12000 euros in 2014. He suggested the purchase of a coarser diesel tank for the multi-purpose vehicle, which he said would be more cost-effective for the building yard.
He recalled the energy-saving measures in the sports center and sports hall. In summary, he noted that the municipal budget has been overdrawn by 3.3 percent. The report was then approved by the municipal council. The mayor was discharged and the budget overrun was subsequently approved.
In the next meeting, the adoption of the 2016 budget will be on the agenda. The municipal councils took advantage of the opportunity to influence the draft in the run-up to the meeting. Among some other adjustments, an item for the purchase of building sites was included. For the first time, there is now also a budget for mmeasures in the area of senior citizen work and care.

Yes to competition

This year the community will participate in the competition "our village has a future – our village should become more beautiful" participate. The municipality has something to show for itself with the house of experience art and the viewpoint in the terroir F project.
The organizer of the oldtimer rally franken classic on 15. May applied to the municipality for the use of side roads and land consolidation paths. The municipal council agreed.
The traffic circle built by the county in the direction of ebenhausen is considered unattractive. In one of the last meetings, a horticultural company had offered to participate in an attractive design without the community’s share being apparent. Gundling now informed that of the 14,000 euros required, the municipality should bear half and the other half would be borne by the horticulturist.
Since the community council had already decided at the last meeting not to spend any money on sparing the traffic circle, the district will probably carry out a minimal removal with gravel stones at the traffic circle.

Association wants to increase cultivation

After the fire protection measures in the sports hall, the attic is no longer used as a storage room the sports club wants to add an extension to the hall and set up a storage room there. The council approved a subsidy of about 5000 euros for the cost of materials requested by the sports club. The work is carried out by the sports club. Appropriate permission is to be obtained from the building authority.
In the garden of the pension ingrid, the operators want to set up a slumber barrel that can be used by guests for overnight stays. The municipal council agreed to the project.
The municipal council approved the building application of the zehntfreyhof neder for the construction of a multipurpose hall on the flat of the aussiedlerhof. The baldauf vineyard applied for the partial removal or shortening of a hedge below a vineyard in rassthal. The vineyard is to be replanted and the path in question crosses the land of the winegrower, so that the hedge below the path restricts the possibility of maneuvering the vineyard. The municipal council approves the project.
The council approves the possibility for paragliders from hammelburg to take off from a vineyard for the current year.

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