Alois mraz is the new head coach of hsc 2000 coburg

Alois mraz is the new head coach of hsc 2000 coburg

Handball bundesliga club HSC 2000 coburg has decided on the question of the coach for the coming season: with alois mraz, the coburg team has signed a young coach who has completely convinced the responsible parties in the talks. "Alois impressed us from the first time he spoke to us. He is a true handball professional who has already celebrated many successes in his playing career. In the meantime, he is a hungry coach who still has a lot ahead of him and whom we trust to develop our club further, explains jan gorr, who led the talk as managing director together with board spokesman stefan apfel.

The A-license holder alois mraz is a coach who has developed stucco by stucco and learned the coaching business from scratch. After his successful active career, in which he won the DHB cup, gained champions league experience and was a 139-time national player, he did not become a professional coach directly, but gained a lot of experience in the youth sector and then already got a taste of first and second league as a co-coach. Stefan apfel is therefore enthusiastic about the new coach: "after an intensive review, we decided in favor of alois mraz. In this process, we talked to several very interesting candidates and finally decided wholeheartedly in favor of alois." The HSC officials were impressed by the fact that alois mraz clearly showed from the very beginning that he wanted this office and the associated opportunity at all costs. "I have known alois for a long time, he is a very level-headed person who deals with players individually and still has clear ideas. He convinced us with his detailed knowledge of our club and our team right from the first conversation," says jan gorr, explains jan gorr.

The czech brought exactly the profile that the HSC was looking for: it was important to the responsible persons to engage a coach who wanted to work hard with the team in the hall and who was able to drive experienced professionals as well as to do basic work with the young, talented players. In addition, it is very important to the HSC that the focus is not only on the bundesliga team, but that a look at the youth sector – which is very important, especially because of the coburg way – also plays a major role.

For alois mraz himself the chance to coach the HSC 2000 coburg in the bundesliga is a great motivation: "i am really looking forward to the new tasks in coburg. I appreciate very much that the HSC gives me the confidence and I would like to return this also to 100 percent by my full commitment", says 41-year-old father of the family. Alois mraz has signed a 2-year contract with HSC 2000 coburg.

Personal details: alois mraz was born in pilsen in september 1978, is married and has four children. As a handball player, he had been in germany since 2001 and played, among others, in solingen, at HSV hamburg, in nettelstedt, wetzlar and huttenberg. As a coach, he was active in huttenberg in the junior and youth area and from 2015 to 2018 co-coach in the march through from the 3. In the 1. League. Since 2018, the 139-time czech national player has been youth coordinator, senior youth coach and co-trainer at vfl gummersbach.

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