At sinnberg, the wait is on for new kindergarten places

At sinnberg, the wait is on for new kindergarten places

Stephanie glaser is looking forward to the move. Still a shell stands at the sinnberg. Bare roof beams are laid over walls of red brick. Instead, the director of the sinnberg kindergarten sees brightly painted walls, colorful pictures and small wooden tables in her mind's eye. Instead of the building tower, she can see 200 children's legs running across the floor. At the beginning of next year, after more than a year, the kindergarten will be able to leave the provisional rooms in salinenstrabe and move into the new building. "We will have more space, glaser is pleased.

The graduate teacher and her team of 13 educators and nurses will then have five learning workshops – thematically separated rooms for playing, learning and handicrafts – at their disposal. They fit in with the open concept of the facility. In addition, there will be cooking and dining areas, common rooms, and sleeping facilities. "What educators can never have enough of is parking space", laughs glaser. The work materials also have to be accommodated.

More space, not enough places
But more space means more space only to a certain extent capacities, says glaser: "we have twelve more places in the daycare center." So far, twelve children under the age of three can be cared for; after the move, there will be 24. The number of kindergarten places remains constant at 75.

Actually a rough offer. At glaser, however, inquiries for 2014 are already piling up again. "Demand remains high, she reports. 22 applications have been received for the nursery alone, which is already full for the coming kindergarten year. The problem is exacerbated by the fact that only some of the 24 places become available at the start of the kindergarten year. Glaser can only award those where two-year-old children move from daycare to kindergarten. The youngest children will keep their place in the nursery.

Glaser therefore assumes that there will be cancellations. "We are definitely full", she says. At the moment, the director cannot say how many children will not find a place at the sinnberg. "The difficulty is that the parents are on the waiting list for several kindergartens."

This distorts the picture – the 22 inquiries probably also include children who will ultimately be accommodated elsewhere. Good news at the end for the parents who have been assured a place. No fee increases are planned as a result of the move. This was confirmed by the managing director, rainer brandenstein, when asked.

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