After the audit, the 2016 budget in view

For the local audit, the chairman of the audit committee, councillor erich krebs, informed about the annual accounts 2014. No irregularities were found during the spot check that was carried out. Krebs noted that the community-owned forest required a grant of about 12000 euros in 2014. He suggested the purchase of a coarser diesel tank for the multi-purpose vehicle, which he said would be more cost-effective for the building yard.
He recalled the energy-saving measures in the sports center and sports hall. In summary, he noted that the municipal budget has been overdrawn by 3.3 percent. The report was then approved by the municipal council. The mayor was discharged and the budget overrun was subsequently approved.
In the next meeting, the adoption of the 2016 budget will be on the agenda. The municipal councils took advantage of the opportunity to influence the draft in the run-up to the meeting. Among some other adjustments, an item for the purchase of building sites was included. For the first time, there is now also a budget for mmeasures in the area of senior citizen work and care.

Yes to competition

This year the community will participate in the competition "our village has a future – our village should become more beautiful" participate. The municipality has something to show for itself with the house of experience art and the viewpoint in the terroir F project.
The organizer of the oldtimer rally franken classic on 15. May applied to the municipality for the use of side roads and land consolidation paths. The municipal council agreed.
The traffic circle built by the county in the direction of ebenhausen is considered unattractive. In one of the last meetings, a horticultural company had offered to participate in an attractive design without the community’s share being apparent. Gundling now informed that of the 14,000 euros required, the municipality should bear half and the other half would be borne by the horticulturist.
Since the community council had already decided at the last meeting not to spend any money on sparing the traffic circle, the district will probably carry out a minimal removal with gravel stones at the traffic circle.

Association wants to increase cultivation

After the fire protection measures in the sports hall, the attic is no longer used as a storage room the sports club wants to add an extension to the hall and set up a storage room there. The council approved a subsidy of about 5000 euros for the cost of materials requested by the sports club. The work is carried out by the sports club. Appropriate permission is to be obtained from the building authority.
In the garden of the pension ingrid, the operators want to set up a slumber barrel that can be used by guests for overnight stays. The municipal council agreed to the project.
The municipal council approved the building application of the zehntfreyhof neder for the construction of a multipurpose hall on the flat of the aussiedlerhof. The baldauf vineyard applied for the partial removal or shortening of a hedge below a vineyard in rassthal. The vineyard is to be replanted and the path in question crosses the land of the winegrower, so that the hedge below the path restricts the possibility of maneuvering the vineyard. The municipal council approves the project.
The council approves the possibility for paragliders from hammelburg to take off from a vineyard for the current year.

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Coronavirus turns working life upside down: on the road with a food inspector from habfurt

Coronavirus turns working life upside down: on the road with a food inspector from habfurt

The crime scene outfit is only available in a uniform size. Hair cap and shoe covers fit perfectly, the female protective suit, on the other hand, still has a lot of air around the hooves. "When getting dressed, make sure that the arms do not touch the floor!", warns dr. Werner hornung. Nothing escapes his eyes. Whether it’s dust on the lockers, splashes on the walls, or insect flukes in the flytrap, hornung has developed a merciless eye for detail in his twelve years as head of consumer protection in habfurt. But his department is facing new challenges in light of the corona crisis. Controls must nevertheless be carried out.

Normally hornung would show up completely uninformed. With a short phone call, however, he announces that he will be accompanied this time. Beforehand, the official veterinarian had asked district administrator wilhelm schneider whether food inspections could continue to take place in view of the risk of infection. The answer was a resounding yes. That was a week ago. Shortly afterwards, the bavarian state ministry for the environment and consumer protection tightened up the regulations once again.

Food inspection: not all establishments are the same

"In the case of large-scale operations, inspections are always carried out under the four-eyes principle", hornung explains as he stows his suitcase and protective gear in the car. "At the small chip shop around the corner, on the other hand, two eyes are enough." The conditions of admission have also become more stringent for the target of today’s food inspection: visitors to the habfurt "maintal" confectionery factory a coarse disinfectant dispenser awaits him in the entrance area. Then comes the corona check: guests must affirm that they have had no contact with infected persons or have recently been in risk areas. "Actually, we don’t let anyone in externally anymore", explains food technologist christan hastedt on admission control. Hornung is of course an exception.

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City of coburg gives 400000 euro grant for youth center

City of coburg gives 400000 euro grant for youth center

The youth education center in neukirchen is to be renovated and modernized. The regional church building department estimates the cost of the project at around 11.5 million euros. The evangelical church itself is contributing the major part of 8.5 million, with one million each coming from the bavarian youth ring and the upper franconia foundation. The remaining amount of one million is shared between the city and the district of coburg.

The protestant church in bavaria had asked the city of coburg for financial support for the tree removals. After the district council on 8. November decided that the county will participate with up to 600000 euro, were from the city of coburg maximum 400000 euro to cover.

City of coburg benefits itself

In the end, the decision to contribute this amount was unanimous, but the vote was preceded by a short discussion. Friedrich herdan, CSU city councilor and IHK president, sees the grant as an opportunity to support an institution from which the city of coburg itself benefits. "The money is excellently invested. Coburg schools and youth education institutions make considerable use of the building", argued herdan – for which he was praised by mayor norbert tessmer: "i didn't expect anything else from a neukirchner either."

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From pop titan to blogger: dieter bohlen turns 65

From pop titan to blogger: dieter bohlen turns 65

Since the summer, dieter bohlen has been communicating directly with his fans – almost on a daily basis:.

The music producer and casting show judge presents himself in a dazzling mood in short video clips – shaving in the bathroom, working out with hula hoops, or in his studio in front of countless golden records and prizes.

In the meantime, more than 900 people follow him on instagram.000 people have followed the entertainer, who over 30 years ago became known as one half of modern talking. At the end of january, the skilful self-marketer even received the "golden blogger" award, which he immediately acknowledged in a clip with "da freut der dieter sich!" Commented.

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“Huh” the islander is their biggest hit

The performances of "radspitz at the staffelsteiner altstadtfest are cult. The marketplace is bubbling when the five musicians get going. For manuel balzar this is always a home game. The 33-year-old insurance specialist was born in berlin, but grew up on the obermain river. He had his first performances with the school band of the realschule under the direction of wolfgang habler, which also played on the market square about 20 years ago.

Between 2008 and 2012, manuel balzar was a member of the band "catweazle," which performed at the staffelstein and ebern old town festivals as well as at guardian festivals in kronach and coburg, and also at music events in the staffelstein peter-J.-minor hall. Manuel balzar never had classical guitar lessons. In his youth, he learned to play the piano, and he taught himself how to play the guitar.

At some point klaus pfreundner, the bandleader of "radspitz, the young guitarist and spontaneously asked him if he would like to join the cult band. What was initially intended as a temporary job became a permanent commitment. From then on, manuel balzar was part of the core cast of the five-headed formation, which played gigs all over germany. Radspitz" played at the cannstatter wasen already, at the straubing gaubodenfest, at the bamberger sandkerwa or at the brandenburg gate on berlin’s new year’s eve mile.

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Award for civic engagement

award for civic engagement

The rate of voluntarily engaged people in bavaria is 36 percent – so every third person is engaged as a citizen, as state secretary melanie huml was pleased to note when she introduced three people from the bamberger district who "have done and are still doing exemplary work for our society and the people in our home region" awards presented. In addition to the award of the bavarian honorary medal for services to the community, huml also presented two federal crosses of merit.

The first of the three awards was presented to sonja papemeier. For more than 20 years, she has been caring for her son marco, who is severely mentally and physically handicapped, can neither see nor speak, and can hardly move. His mother’s dedication and care are the only things that enable marco to remain in hallstadt, in his familiar surroundings, huml praised. This is only possible for sonja papemeier by sacrificing her own interests. For her selfless and exemplary efforts, she has now been awarded the order of merit of the federal republic of germany by president gauck.

Franz bauer was also awarded the federal cross of merit on ribbon for his enormous parental care. Supported by his wife gisela, he devotes all his energy and dedication to the well-being of his physically and mentally handicapped son. During the day, frank attends the lebenshilfe workshop; during the rest of the time and on days when the workshop is not open, his parents provide care and support at home, enabling their son to remain in the home community, as melanie huml emphasized in her laudation. Furthermore, franz bauer is committed to ensuring that his son is integrated as best he can into local life in hallstadt.

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Forchheim: “pack mer’s” celebrates anniversary

Forchheim: 'pack mer's' celebrates anniversary

When the franconian praises, it is usually followed by a well-meant “bassd scho” out of this. But if you want to get something done, sometimes you have to be a little more energetic: “let”s get it done!” for twenty years, this has been the motto and name of the second-hand store in forchheim. This anniversary was celebrated on thursday morning.

Cabaret artist mac harder led through the celebration with cheerful explanations of the french language and the nature of the french people. What makes the second-hand store in franconia so unique was explained by the numerous congratulators, including district administrator hermann ulm (CSU) and forchheim mayor uwe kirschstein (SPD).

At the beginning, managing director gerhard pfister reviewed the last 20 years again. The project had already started in 1993 with an idea of the district working group. A furniture store run by caritas was set up, but soon reached its limits.

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Watercolors from passion

watercolors from passion

Outgoing hospital managing director thilo penzhorn described the late artist, who was born in furth, worked as an engineer in the medical industry, and only started working in "atelier 1" at the end of the 1990s had begun intensive painting with clemens wuttke, as an artist who had traveled far and wide.
Manfred hilpert, who has been an avid collector of watercolors for decades and has been able to devote himself actively to this genre in his retirement, does not allow himself to be tied down to specific motifs. No matter whether he is painting familiar french villages with a lot of melancholy, still lifes with expressively luminous flowers and exotic fruit compositions, or the southern french provence style on vacation, the camera for a motif is always there. A hilpert work of art is created at home. "But I also see a photo in the ADAC magazine that I spontaneously choose as the basis for one of my next pictures, and I enjoy it every time I sit together with a german-speaking teacher for a painting circle during my stays in the south of france. For me, painting has now evolved from a hobby to a passion."
Since 2004 the member of the erlanger kunstverein has been painting in "atelier 20" with ekkehardt hofmann in leutershausen and also attended seminars with bernhard vogel in salzburg and werner maier in munich.

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Nurnberg wins 2:1 and stops augsburg’s race to catch up

Nurnberg wins 2:1 and stops augsburg's race to catch up

With the first away win since mid september, nurnberg got out of the danger zone for the time being. In front of 30,660 spectators in the sold-out arena, tobias werner met raphael schafer (36) with the friendly support of "club" goalkeeper.) for the augsburger, who as table-16. We are still six points away from the shore of salvation. The swabians celebrated their last soccer victory against the FCN more than 36 years ago.

"Nurnberg made it damn hard for us. We weren’t forceful enough, so we’re left empty-handed. But there are still plenty of games to go," said augsburg’s werner, referring to the situation at the bottom of the table. The franconians, now 10 points ahead of the FCA, were highly satisfied with the result. "After the 1:1 we were about to give the game away, but in the second half we fought our way back," said coach michael wiesinger and spoke of a deserved victory.

In what was billed as the final match of the relegation battle, the recently highly praised augsburg team lacked determination in attack. Markus weinzierl’s team was unable to compensate for the absence of suspended midfielder daniel baier with andreas ottl nearly as well as the club was able to compensate for the absence of timo gebhart. The franks initially showed the better play, made a lot of steam via the eagles kiyotake and esswein and were able to rely on a stable cover. FCA was caught off guard in the early stages of the game by the aggressive franconians, who immediately had a number of good chances. After a quickly executed free kick by kiyotake, the free-standing markus feulner shot just past the FCA home (3.), a little later tomas pekhart (6.) with the head a sharp input of the lively esswein.

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Idea to bring more under the people

idea to bring more under the people

The road to the extension application was long and tedious. Although the free state made advance payments for the core zones with its state forest, many municipalities had a difficult time. Unfortunately, the discussions that took place in some cases will continue to reverberate for a long time to come. As "nonsense described, for example, bad bruckenau city council members. The image of the indian reservation, to which many felt transported, will continue to circulate over the dinner tables for a long time to come. It is understandable that some municipalities, which are virtually surrounded by core zones and nature reserves, feel restricted in their development. To many rhonians, their home country appears to be a huge compensation area that is only intended to soothe the bad conscience of the booming metropolises with their ever fatter bacon belts.
Even if the predicate
biosphere reserve is not a panacea and creates jobs in other areas as tourism and healthcare are at least as important, the expansion should above all be seen as an opportunity: rhon is setting a good example with the unesco designation and positioning itself as a pioneering region for sustainable development. Nature conservation is only one component, in the biosphere reserves man is not locked out, but may continue to shape his environment. This positive image, this idea of a region that even transcends national borders and the former iron curtain to hold together, should be more in the foreground again.

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