Bad bruckenau: missing playground equipment on the playground oberer ehrenberg

Bad bruckenau: missing playground equipment on the playground oberer ehrenberg

Several playground equipment has been missing for months at the oberer ehrenberg playground. Children search in vain for swings, slides and merry-go-rounds. Last week, a resident posted a photo of the empty playground on facebook and commented "where are the slide and the merry-go-round?? Can not be repaired in winter. I hope they are not secretly dismantling the playground here!".

Michael worschech, the city’s chief executive, clarifies in response to a question from this newspaper: "last year, the tuv found that some of the gambling gates did not meet safety standards." Since then, the slide has been in a special facility for maintenance. No word yet on when the slide can be rebuilt. "We have asked the company, but so far we have not received any information about the time frame of the completion", says worschech.

It is planned to select and order new playground equipment for the upper ehrenberg playground in the near future. A total of 17 million euros are to be invested this year.000 euro for all bad bruckenauer playgrounds in the budget planned. Since the budget was only passed in april, the city now wants to go ahead with the procurement in the short term and with vigor, worschech also announced. "We received a donation of 600 euros from the fruit and garden association for new playground equipment", says the head of the company. This amount should also be invested as quickly as possible "the children should have the opportunity to get new playground equipment this summer", says the director.

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