Barbecube: baiersdorf he invents healthy grilling

Barbecube: baiersdorf he invents healthy grilling

Men and children don't eat mousse, not even at a barbecue. This is a well-known phenomenon. Harald kreutzer (46) from baiersdorf regrets this, but understands the problem: "the vegetables burn, fall through the grill grate or take up far too much space." The assistant doctor at the forchheim hospital is not a fan of aluminum trays anyway: "there are too many medical findings that show that aluminum is harmful to health."

Out of private interest he looked for a solution to this problem – and found it: a cube that you put on top of the actual grill. "First I thought of a ball, in which one fills the grill property, but that became natural from the grill down roll." The next form was then the cube, by the same edge lengths the heat is distributed evenly. So harald kreutzer and his neighbor made a first prototype out of stainless steel grids from the hardware store. The concocted project was convincing and kreutzer turned to his old school friend ralph krauter, who was a perfect partner as a designer.

Another intermediate step then led to kreutzer's finished invention: the barbecube. A small stainless steel container with four closed sides and two sides with grill grates. "The spanish "plancha grill" was the model for the closed sides, kreutzer explains "the stainless steel is the best on the market, food-safe and spooler-proof."

The food to be grilled is stuffed into the cube on one side and then placed on the grill. "The different sides make it possible to play wonderfully with the heat", says kreutzer.

The baiersdorfer then gradually tried out other things with the cube and found out that you can also grill fruit and meat in the cube: "for example, the king's discipline: chicken stuffed with feta and basil, wrapped in ham. I always hope that it will work out. But the special thing about the cube is that you can grill several dishes at the same time in a very small space. The vegetables stay crunchy and the meat is wonderfully tender."

The meat into the prison
Among the barbecue professionals in internet forums, kreutzer met with a divided response. One portal rehearsed and praised the barbecube, while others asked in amazement: "the meat in the catch? Better put the gemuse behind bars and make more room for meat."

But kreutzer prefers to test his invention on family and friends anyway "a few weeks ago, i threw a rough barbecue party and grilled 40 colleagues and friends with the cubes. It was stressful, but it worked out."

At first, kreutzer gave the cubes away to friends and colleagues "our basic idea was not to make money with it, but to create a new way of grilling". But the demand was so great that the barbecubes can now also be ordered via his website. Harald kreutzer reports: "in some cases, we can no longer keep up with the pace, the product has taken on a life of its own. We have already shipped barbecubes to israel, sweden, austria and switzerland."

To avoid too high a risk, kreutzer and krauter have the cubes produced only in manageable quantities and finance the new cubes from the profits of the ones sold. And yet the sales prospects didn't look so rosy to begin with. Kreutzer presented his invention in various specialist shops and was "looked at as if I hadn't taken all my medication today". It is difficult to explain the functions of the cube only theoretically".

The family helps
In the meantime, however, the hobby that has become a business is going well. "My wife sarit helps me a lot and writes the bills", says kreutzer "and my children jasmin (10) and daniel (5) also give their opinions, for example on which colors they think are best for the website."

As a resident, kreutzer has a lot of work to do and very little free time, but he enjoys working on the barbecube project: "when else do you have the chance to accompany a product from its birth?? I also enjoy barbecuing, standing there looking at the glowing coals is a good way to think about the day."

Harald and sarit kreutzer, who met during his medical studies in israel, are currently working on a barbecue cookbook with the best recipes for the cube. "This includes classic grilled meats, halloumni cheese with mushrooms and many meat dishes, as well as various sauces", tells sarit kreutzer.

Harald kreutzer hints at further grill inventions, but won't reveal more yet. Maybe there will be another product from the doctor kreutzer line for the next grill season.

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