Burkersdorf gets sidewalk everywhere

Burkersdorf gets sidewalk everywhere

Veronika schadeck for the burkersdorfer a wish comes true. As part of the simple village renewal, the district is upgrading the KC 22 road that runs through the village. In the course of this expansion, a continuous sidewalk connection will also be created from the entrance to the town coming from the direction of kups to the town exit in the direction of emmersheim.

This footpath is the responsibility of the municipality. A total of 2.2 million euros is being invested. The share of kups amounts to 43 400 euro.

On tuesday evening, markus albrecht from the IVS engineering office presented the plans at the market town council meeting. However, the people of burkersdorf are not completely satisfied with that. Instead of traffic calming, they fear an encouragement for motorists to maintain their often excessive speed through the district.

According to markus albrecht, among other things, the roadway is to be widened to six meters. The planner pointed out that a few meters of land were needed by the residents for this purpose. In order to carry out the inspection, garden fences and hedges had to be dismantled.

Furthermore, the surface channel will be renewed in some places. And the existing bridge also needs to be renovated. A crossing aid installed in the immediate vicinity of the bus stop is intended to enable visually impaired and handicapped people to cross the street safely. According to albrecht, the tree removals in the burkersdorf through road are to be carried out in two construction phases within a year.

He is pleased that in the course of the mabnahme a footpath by the place is attached, so the burkersdorfer local speaker volker wundisch. Because it will contribute to the improvement of road safety in the village.

However, the points of traffic calming and traffic safety were insufficiently implemented. Wundisch pointed out that the center of the village is reached from three sides through the entrance to the valley, and drivers usually drive too fast. He also spoke of the bus stop in the town center, where many schools are located in the morning hours. "From our point of view, the crossing aid will not stop any motorist from speeding".

The wish of the burkersdorfer is it to attach so-called einschnurungen coming from kups at the place entrance and – exit. As a result, the road became narrower at these points and drivers automatically "took their foot off the gas" take.

In addition, he wants a 30-kilometer zone in the mouth area to the town center. Wundisch and some of the mothers could not understand why this should not be possible. The argument "otherwise the demands are gone", met with incomprehension.

"I think the crossing aid is already well placed at this point", said burgermeister bernd rebhan (CSU). Albrecht sees this as a contribution to traffic calming.

"The project is not long, but difficult!" He addressed the topographical situation. A compromise has been found. With the construction of the local through road the whole alignment of the road will be changed. "Attempts have been made to unravel the driving dynamics of drivers!"

Ralf pohl (SPD) asked whether earthworks would be carried out as part of the tree removal work. The mayor pointed out that the municipality had invested 300,000 euros for an inline renovation of the sewer. The water pipes were renewed two years ago. He talked about bayernwerk wanting to take down roof standers and lay underground cables. Also glass fiber empty pipes in the value of approximately 20,000 euro are to be installed with.

On inquiry, the head of the district office’s department for roadside tree inspections, gunther dressel, explained that they were bound by traffic regulations. A constriction would be too dangerous, especially at the entrance to the village coming from kups. On a county road, a speed limit of 30 km/h can only be established as an exception.

This is only possible for important reasons and after the completion of an inspection, if the traffic authorities and the police approve it. Dressel also pointed out the requirements to. One assumes a demand rate of 90 percent for the burkersdorf through road. The request was made. Tenders are to be invited in the spring.

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