Can the commercial settlement be omitted?

Between the residential area of hut and the railroad line is designated a mixed area. For a long time. But prospective builders are in short supply, they had to settle with a non-storming trade. A quota of 50 percent has been set for this purpose. For three roughly vacant plots there were investors willing to build, but the previous quota was not fulfilled.
That's why mayor andreas galster (CSU) brought up a ruling by the supreme administrative court of baden-wurttemberg in mannheim at a roundtable discussion with the interior minister. The local judges have ruled that in a mixed-use area with a buffer function between a commercial area and purely residential areas, the requirement for commercial development can be waived. Galster considers this ruling to be transferable to the situation in baiersdorf. Because the mixed area behind the railroad station is a buffer to the noise sources of the railroad line and the freeway.

Sometimes too hot, sometimes too cold

The temperature in the containers for the lunch time care at the elementary school is a cause for concern. For the cold season, the employees there are to be instructed in the operation of the heating system. We still have to think about how to cool things down in the summer – in the interest of the children and also of the employees.
The city council took note of the results of the town hall meeting on the inner city redevelopment. Completion of the main road renewal with the rough canal lining work is being targeted for christmas 2020. Due to the desired start of construction only in the spring of 2019, mayor andreas galster (CSU) still sees sufficient leeway to push the topic of the local heating network. After the experience of the neighboring communities of adelsdorf and rottenbach, he holds such a project from three to four interested parties for sensible. After all, the local heating network around the town hall has only three users.
The council also changed the statutes of the municipal energy advisory board upon request. The only appointed members are now the mayor and a representative of the SK-B municipal utility company. There is no longer a numerical limit on the number of interested burghers. 

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