When the canisters flew off the roof at brose in coburg

When the canisters flew off the roof at brose in coburg

On the occasion of the 100th anniversary. On the occasion of brose’s centenary in coburg, the family-owned company has a few problems to contend with. The general conditions on the global market are difficult, the automotive industry in particular is under pressure, and in fiscal 2018 brose recorded a slight drop in sales – for the first time in living memory. How to get back on track? Perhaps by first going downhill for a short while. To be more precise: in the basement. Brose stores more than 800 products that have already been produced in the company’s long history. Every single one of them can tell a story – and every single one of them can give courage.

"We can draw on one hundred years of brose expertise", says gregor kroner, head of predevelopment seat in the brose group. He, who is currently thinking a lot about autonomous driving, is always fascinated when he looks at the objects in the basement. Some may seem out of date from today’s perspective – others may be old, but contain technical inventions that have survived to this day. The archive is thus emblematic of the joy of progress and also of the courage to make entrepreneurial decisions at brose.

Curious basement stories

Uwe balder, who works as a company archivist at brose, is also very enthusiastic: "the leaps in innovation in one hundred years of brose are unique!" Time and again, company founder max brose – and later also his grandson michael stoschek – made the right decisions at the right time. In the early 1920s, max brose and his business partner ernst juhling recognized that the future belonged to the automobile – and came up with a number of ideas: from car jacks to vulcanizers for car tires. Later, in the early 1950s, max brose reacted to the fact that new administrations were being set up, all of which needed typewriters – the "brosette" model typewriter was sold almost 50000 times until 1959. It was also available in green, especially for police departments, and in red for fire departments. What "basement stories uwe balder can tell us more?

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Spd wins election in lower saxony – enough for red-green after all?

Spd wins election in lower saxony - enough for red-green after all?

According to initial projections by ARD and ZDF, the red-green coalition under minister-president stephan weil might even be able to continue. CDU with top candidate bernd althusmann slips to its worst result since 1959 after leading in polls for long time.

Election winner weil spoke of a "brilliant success" for the SPD: "for the first time since the last state election with gerhard schroder 19 years ago, we can again become the strongest faction in the state parliament, which is great", he said. SPD secretary general hubertus heil says: "red-green is not yet finished." Green party leader simone peter also hopes for a continuation of the alliance, but according to the first projections, two mandates are missing for that.

The coalition in lower saxony is the last red-green alliance in a flat state. If it is not enough to continue, hanover will have a difficult time forming a government. A rough coalition of SPD and CDU, a traffic light alliance of SPD, FDP and greens, and a jamaica coalition were all conceivable. Chancellor angela merkel (CDU) will be negotiating such a coalition of CDU, FDP and greens at the federal level in berlin starting midweek. The weak CDU result in lower saxony should not make it easier for them to speak out.

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Two injured in shooting at mosque near oslo

two injured in shooting at mosque near oslo

Two people were slightly injured on saturday when a heavily armed man attacked a mosque near the norwegian capital of oslo.

Three believers were still inside the al noor mosque in baerum near oslo after prayers when the man, armed with two shotguns and a pistol, entered the building, mosque representative ifran mushtaq told TV2. Two of the men immediately jumped for cover, but a 70-year-old man overpowered the attacker. Shots were fired.

Both the gunman and one of the mosque-goers were slightly injured in the scuffle. The attacker was finally put out of action by a blow to the back of the head. The police finally arrested the young man, who was wearing a protective vest.

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