Vacation time is reading time

Vacation time is reading time

This year, the summer vacation reading club will again be held at the municipal library in the haus des gastes in haselbach. Already for the eighth time this summer vacation action is organized for the children and young people in the urban area of bischofsheim and the school association with the municipalities schonau, sandberg and oberelsbach.
Even though the temperatures were more conducive to swimming, many young readers came to the opening ceremony to get the best books right away. The book team with andrea kleinhenz, esther weigand and michaela schleicher as well as manfred hauer not only purchased new publications, but also organized the opening party. Burgermeister georg seiffert was also present, who encouraged the children and youths to read eagerly, as reading is a key qualification.
For many years, the teachers of the kreuzbergschule bischofsheim, the valentin-rathgeber grundschule oberelsbach and the grundschule sandberg have supported the summer vacation reading club. So already at the start more than 100 participants could be won.
The books, which were purchased especially for the summer reading club, are available exclusively to club members during the vacations. They will not be included in the regular bookings until after the vacations.

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“Training embossed”

After 24 years as a teacher, 14 of them as principal, at the helios training center in bad kissingen, erhard bieber is retiring. He was given a ceremonial farewell by the hospital management, colleagues, the works council and nursing students.

"During his time with us, mr. Bieber has been ca. 500 schoolchildren graduated as health and medical care workers. Many of the former students still work at our hospitals in bad kissingen and hammelburg. He has shaped and significantly developed the training here over decades. I would like to thank him for this achievement and congratulate him on it", so dr. Peter hermeling, hospital general manager helios st. Elisabeth hospital in bad kissingen. "The training here has always been of a high standard and is of great importance for the helios st. Elisabeth hospital in bad kissingen of very high importance. Mr. Bieber has made a great contribution to this", hermeling added.

"I have always enjoyed challenging young people and watching them develop into healthcare professionals. But now I’m looking forward to retirement and my bees", so bieber. In retirement, he will now concentrate more on his main passion, beekeeping. He has been involved as a beekeeper in the region since his youth and gives training courses for new beekeepers and those who want to become beekeepers. This also explains the farewell gift from the students: a self-made beehive with photos of the students from all three courses, with bieber himself depicted as the queen bee.

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Can the commercial settlement be omitted?

Between the residential area of hut and the railroad line is designated a mixed area. For a long time. But prospective builders are in short supply, they had to settle with a non-storming trade. A quota of 50 percent has been set for this purpose. For three roughly vacant plots there were investors willing to build, but the previous quota was not fulfilled.
That's why mayor andreas galster (CSU) brought up a ruling by the supreme administrative court of baden-wurttemberg in mannheim at a roundtable discussion with the interior minister. The local judges have ruled that in a mixed-use area with a buffer function between a commercial area and purely residential areas, the requirement for commercial development can be waived. Galster considers this ruling to be transferable to the situation in baiersdorf. Because the mixed area behind the railroad station is a buffer to the noise sources of the railroad line and the freeway.

Sometimes too hot, sometimes too cold

The temperature in the containers for the lunch time care at the elementary school is a cause for concern. For the cold season, the employees there are to be instructed in the operation of the heating system. We still have to think about how to cool things down in the summer – in the interest of the children and also of the employees.
The city council took note of the results of the town hall meeting on the inner city redevelopment. Completion of the main road renewal with the rough canal lining work is being targeted for christmas 2020. Due to the desired start of construction only in the spring of 2019, mayor andreas galster (CSU) still sees sufficient leeway to push the topic of the local heating network. After the experience of the neighboring communities of adelsdorf and rottenbach, he holds such a project from three to four interested parties for sensible. After all, the local heating network around the town hall has only three users.
The council also changed the statutes of the municipal energy advisory board upon request. The only appointed members are now the mayor and a representative of the SK-B municipal utility company. There is no longer a numerical limit on the number of interested burghers. 

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Six mice at the marche guessing game

Six mice at the marche guessing game

If the people of munich and visitors now see mice in many shop windows, it has nothing to do with a rodent plague. The cute little animals are the basis of this year’s marchen-ratspiel of the trade association "kaufhaus" murmurs.

"There are six different mice that we have distributed in the windows of the 19 participating stores", christine schikora explains. Each mouse carries a name tag with it. The children have to fill in their names on the entry cards, which are then used to compile the team’s team total. By the way, they are real munnerstadter mice, because the animals are a creation of christine schikora.

The participation cards are available in the participating stores, where they can also be filled out and returned. There are munnercards (vouchers) worth 300 euros to be won.

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Situation better than expected

The annual accounts for the 2016 financial year turned out pleasingly well, apart from the increase in costs for youth welfare services. District chamber rainer dippold spoke yesterday in the district committee of a significantly more favorable development of the financial situation.
Dippold particularly emphasized that it was possible to completely forego borrowing in 2016. The debt could be reduced by about 3.184 million euro. At the end of the budget year, the district's debt stood at 20.95 million euros. As district administrator klaus peter sollner explained, the debt has thus been reduced by around nine million euros in the last ten years, also thanks to stabilization aid of around five million euros.
Sollner pointed out that many subject areas are "at the limit" the school has experienced an extreme loss of management staff and young administrators have moved to municipalities or other institutions.
Veit pohlmann (FDP) considered it necessary for the municipalities to receive a permanent financial allocation from the free state in the future. District administrator sollner referred here to the increase in key allocations and the demand programs that were launched by the free state and also by the federal government with a dream demand rate of 90 percent: "under finance minister soder, the financial situation of the upper franconian communities and cities has improved decisively."
Gerhard schneider (CSU) showed for the "kaffeesatzleserei" from pohlmann no understanding: "sometime it is once enough. You can talk everything down. We have an excellent annual financial statement and a good economic situation in bavaria." His colleague in the parliamentary group, martin berneuther, confirmed schneider's statements: "with the city construction funds and the other demand programs, the free state has laid a good foundation."
District administrator klaus peter soller also announced that the government's legal supervisory approval of the 2017 budget was granted by letter dated 6. July took place.

Subsidy for the music school

For the music school kulmbach a voluntary allocation of 50,000 euros to the city of kulmbach was approved, the market grafengehaig receives a grant of 6100 euros for the purchase of a multi-purpose vehicle.
In the non-public meeting the service contract with the company drechsler was approved, which from 1. October will dispose of the electrical waste.
A new solution is also being sought for the acceptance and resale of old mobile homes. Here the district already has offers from charitable institutions. 

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Debate about photovoltaics

At the meeting of the wiesenthau municipal council, the MHN parliamentary group had proposed the installation of a photovoltaic system on the roof of the elementary school.

Holger stohr (MHN) explained that a few years ago there was an energy coaching: "at that time it was found that part of the roof could be used for photovoltaics." Should the costs be reasonable, an appropriate decision should be made for the implementation.

Otto roppelt (BGW) pointed out, however, that the feed-in tariff is over after 20 years and that the relevant law is currently being revised. Therefore, he proposed to think about this issue next year.

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“Acrobat schooon” on two days

"Phanomenal", a former teacher said. All the visitors were full of superlatives, the "school festival – a different kind of event – the elementary school in maroldsweisach proved to be a train and glamour act. The 40th anniversary of the school building in pfarrweisach was used as an occasion to organize a school festival which – as not only the head of the circus andre lauenburger noted – will be remembered by all those involved for a long time to come.

For a week, members of the lauenburger family and the teachers rehearsed with the children of the eight elementary school classes, and many a classroom was transformed into a small circus ring. Acrobatics, juggling, rope jumping, diabolo, slackline and hula-hoop – and clowns, who also made fun of burgermeister, were on the program.

On friday evening and saturday afternoon, it was time for the show to begin. Parents, grandparents, relatives and acquaintances came to both performances to get an idea of what the little ones had learned in one week.

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Norbert birkner joins for new list

The youngest political force in the community of adelsdorf, the "adelsdorfer burger- und wahlerinitiative" (adelsdorf citizens’ and voters’ initiative), is preparing itself with great optimism, preparing for the municipal election campaign. In march 2020, the "adelsdorfer burgers" want to to run in the elections for the municipal council and also to put up a candidate for mayor.

At the group’s youngest members’ meeting at the scharold inn in aisch, incumbent local councillor norbert birkner explained that he plans to become a member of the "adelsdorfer burgers" in march 2020 to compete. This is the result of a press report of the initiative.

2014 birkner had been elected via the list of the free voters. He has been an active member of the local council for a total of 23 years. The 62-year-old oldest municipal councillor of the free electorate from the neuhaus district had recently explained his plans to his parliamentary group, but would of course fulfill his electoral mandate until the upcoming municipal elections. In addition to birkner, markus scharold and sebastian kammerer, who is active on the board of TSV neuhaus, also declared their willingness to become involved in the "adelsdorfer burgers" as a candidate to be put up for sale.

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