City of coburg gives 400000 euro grant for youth center

City of coburg gives 400000 euro grant for youth center

The youth education center in neukirchen is to be renovated and modernized. The regional church building department estimates the cost of the project at around 11.5 million euros. The evangelical church itself is contributing the major part of 8.5 million, with one million each coming from the bavarian youth ring and the upper franconia foundation. The remaining amount of one million is shared between the city and the district of coburg.

The protestant church in bavaria had asked the city of coburg for financial support for the tree removals. After the district council on 8. November decided that the county will participate with up to 600000 euro, were from the city of coburg maximum 400000 euro to cover.

City of coburg benefits itself

In the end, the decision to contribute this amount was unanimous, but the vote was preceded by a short discussion. Friedrich herdan, CSU city councilor and IHK president, sees the grant as an opportunity to support an institution from which the city of coburg itself benefits. "The money is excellently invested. Coburg schools and youth education institutions make considerable use of the building", argued herdan – for which he was praised by mayor norbert tessmer: "i didn't expect anything else from a neukirchner either."

Herdan's party colleague hans-herbert hartan, on the other hand, was of the opinion that although the "common region" was always the most important factor, it was not the only one but in recent years this has become a "one-way street" have developed. "The money is leaving the city, but the projects we have here are not supported by the county", criticized hartan.

Christian muller (CSB) found this accusation shocking. "I thought that this idea had been overcome by now.", so muller. Especially in the case of youth education, the term "one-way street" should be completely out of place, because there are preconditions for the operation that could not be provided in the city of coburg at all.

Wolfgang weib (grune) has a similar view. He relies on "division of labor, because for him, the youth education center is located only spatially outside the city of coburg. "There is an infrastructure that we don't have in the city."

Max beyersdorf (CSU) finally spoke up to, as he said, ground the discussion again. "We are talking about 400,000 euros out of a total investment of over eleven million euros. Anyone who doesn't grasp this has understood nothing!"

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