Clinic exchange becomes more likely

As reported, the building and land of the vitals klinik are still owned by DRV berlin-brandenburg. The current operators took over the clinic on a lease-purchase basis just over three years ago and filed for insolvency in february 2012 after the occupancy commitment on the part of DRV berlin-brandenburg had expired as agreed.
When the marbachtalklinik was taken over by dr. When the DRV moved its headquarters from georg-heim-strabe to the vitalis clinic on menzelstrabe, the advantage was that even more of the DRV’s own clinics were in the immediate vicinity and synergy effects could be exploited. In addition, the current marbachtal clinic is probably easier to market because it is not located in the special spa area and therefore permanent housing – for example, in the form of a retirement home – would be legal.
The management of the vitalis clinic is disappointed and annoyed. According to managing director richard voigt, the decision by DRV berlin-brandenburg to no longer occupy the clinic unless it could immediately arrange financing for the remaining purchase price fit the bill perfectly. Well aware that financing is impossible without an occupancy commitment, the clinic swap has already been initiated. "Even an authority like the german pension insurance company berlin-brandenburg is proceeding in a decidedly reckless manner here" so voigt.
However, the current clinic operators knew from the beginning that DRV berlin-brandenburg would withdraw after three years. This was part of the contract.

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