Colorful life tate ortskernen good

Colorful life tate ortskernen good

The fruit and horticulture association of weisendorf (OGV) had invited a very renowned speaker in the form of christine bender, agricultural councillor and deputy district administrator of the schweinfurt district. The agricultural advisor from the horticultural center of bavaria north at the office for food, agriculture and forestry in kitzingen gave a lecture on "fresh wind in old walls – welcome to the old village! The past has a future. The passionate lover of historic rose varieties brought a great deal of experience with her, both from her voluntary work and from her job as district manager for horticulture and landscape conservation in lower franconia.

Bender presented the situation of numerous french villages, where more and more farms are being abandoned, some of them empty, leaving many buildings and opportunities free. Rural exodus, land consumption and the demographic development are challenges for the villages and old town centers.

The aim is to preserve the buildings that dominate the local landscape and to adapt them to today's requirements by means of new forms of use. The old villages are to be preserved alongside the new housing developments of the 1960s and 1970s and the new construction areas of recent years. In many places, new life could be breathed into them through local government measures or local conservation programs such as "our village has a future – our village should become more beautiful".

Typical regional features in french farmsteads were the fence framing the building and garden and a farm tree. "There was always a tree, as christine bender said and found a lot of confirmation from the audience.


Independently and long before the people's petition "save the bees there have always been many different flowering plants in farm gardens and today there is an increasing return to these typical farm garden plants of the original and coarse mother. For greenery, take the smallest flat space, as bender showed with convincing examples: a climbing rose, for which only a few paving stones need to be removed; espaliered fruit on the house wall or other climbing plants, which provide for a gentle sight and do good as insect food at the same time.

This could be a counterpoint to the rock garden trend, especially in new housing developments. Many tips for the preservation of old farmyards can also be transferred to residential areas. As concrete design tips, bender mentioned flowers at the windows, such as hanging begonias, which are less well known today. Plants of a similar color match a rather cold or rather warm color of the facade and thus create a harmonious impression. Planting and design tips followed specifically for the front garden, courtyard gate, courtyard garden and seating corners.

The local situation in the market town of weisendorf was the subject of lively discussion. "It was a pity that only two members of the market town council were present, because the lecture gave a lot of impulses and concrete ideas for the realization of the village", as christine bender said, explained sandra ebersberger from the OGV. The parts of weisendorf where there are always strips of grass next to the sidewalk and where there are blooming flowers and numerous house trees in front of the houses stand out positively. The worry child is the main place. 

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