Death threats from the right: no concrete evidence of sender

Death threats from the right: no concrete evidence of sender

In the search for the senders of death threats to neo-nazi opponents in the greater nurnberg area, the police remain in the dark. The investigation is in its infancy, said a police spokesman on monday. The only thing that is clear is that the e-mails were sent from a computer server in asia. "Our experts are now trying to move forward step by step via the server operator", the spokesman said. However, such investigations proved to be difficult. So far, the police have not been able to talk to all five of those involved.

In addition to a journalist from bavarian radio, a trade union secretary, an employee of the SPD, a nurnberg city council member from the left and nurnberg social scientist birgit mair had received a fictitious, individually designed death notice by e-mail last friday. Some of them filed a criminal complaint. Over the weekend, all five of those affected had already declared that they would not be intimidated by the death threat.

More protests against neo-nazi scene than ever before

Mair, who has been informing schools and teachers about the neo-nazi scene for years, reacted with sarcasm to the fake death notice with her name: "when i heard who else had received such a death threat, i immediately thought: "well, you’re hitting the right ones"." The action shows how annoyed the right-wing scene is "because we have ruined this year for them". In this context, mair referred to the 25 counter-events in nurnberg alone this year. There had never been so many protests against the neo-nazi scene in the region before.

In the fictitious death notice sent to mair, it says: "at schools you brainwash german children, incite against the national socialist idea. Now it is over. No grief, no forgiveness". The sender of the e-mail is "nationalists-franconia" listed.

Mair suspects the far-right party "die rechte", which was founded only this year behind the action, however, without having more concrete indications. Many right-wing extremists in bavaria had joined the "free network sud" after it was banned united in the party. Overall, however, the right-wing extremist scene is currently quite fragmented.

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