Debate about photovoltaics

At the meeting of the wiesenthau municipal council, the MHN parliamentary group had proposed the installation of a photovoltaic system on the roof of the elementary school.

Holger stohr (MHN) explained that a few years ago there was an energy coaching: "at that time it was found that part of the roof could be used for photovoltaics." Should the costs be reasonable, an appropriate decision should be made for the implementation.

Otto roppelt (BGW) pointed out, however, that the feed-in tariff is over after 20 years and that the relevant law is currently being revised. Therefore, he proposed to think about this issue next year.

Involve experts

Michael schupferling (AB) recommended that an independent expert be called in. "This is a good idea", agreed benedikt bartosch (BGW). In this way, the load profile of the school could also be determined at the same time and a storage tank could possibly be purchased.

Silke wolfrum (BGW) emphasized that the ecological aspect was also important. "I am a friend of photovoltaic, but on the school I have concerns", said gerhard lassner (BGW). Because this means that the building is fixed for 20 years and little can be changed structurally if necessary. Theo messingschlager () interjected that the municipal council had already dealt with the issue and a neutral consultant earlier: "this is not a new story."

In exchange with the district administration

Burgermeister bernd drummer (BGW) reported that he had already exchanged views with the energy management of the district office of forchheim: "they work together with various assessors." Such a one shall now make himself an image.

After silke wolfrum had made the request on behalf of the BGW to obtain information about the possibilities of demands from the office for regional development in upper franconia, bernd drummer said: "i have been a member of the municipal council for twelve years, and some of us have been here for a long time. If someone had something, it was brought in and talked about. If it fit, it was implemented together."

For the burgers, not the faction

Further, he said that he does not like to be slain with requests because factions "their list" want to work off: "we have worked together harmoniously." Drummer also worries that the situation could arise that rates do not agree to a sensible thing because he comes from a different grouping. He reminded that the rates are there for the citizens, not for their faction.

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