District office again receives seal of approval

For district administrator michael busch, family friendliness is a top priority, according to a press release. That’s why he was so committed to the "work and family audit" project back in 2011, an initiative of the hertie foundation, used in the district office. "We need good working conditions for our employees so that the day-to-day organization of work and family life is successful and the health and motivation of our employees are maintained, declared the district administrator.

Oriented to need

The "work and family audit focuses more strongly on relevant compatibility issues and concentrates on content that calls for a family-conscious HR policy and corporate culture. "Working on it moves a lot and opens up opportunities for employers and employees", says district administrator busch. Whether in the areas of working hours, place of work, personnel development, leadership, information, or service for families, the objectives and measures plan is based on the needs of the employees and at the same time takes into account the organizational structures of the district office. "A worthwhile investment, says tanja bacher-surgers, equal opportunities officer and responsible for implementing the project "because each of us has people around us for whom we feel responsible, and about whom we want to take care.".
Particularly at a time when demands are increasing and the world of work is becoming more complex and demanding, there is a need for challenging conditions so that everyday working life and family life do not become a test of endurance. As an employer, it is essential to meet the changing demands and life changes of employees in order to secure its position as an attractive employer in the future.

For the third time

The district office has now been certified for the third time for its investment in a family-conscious personnel policy and awarded the seal of approval. This makes it clear that the project is aimed at increasing self-management of the issue in the long term. Many activities have now become established, such as the care of elementary school children on bub- und bettag, the health day with many activities on all health topics, and the dialog with executives. It has been possible to give a new priority to issues of compatibility. Work-time models that fit perfectly, flexible working hours and time off for family tasks are a clear sign that the district administration wants to support its employees as an employer.

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