Exit from the iss – astronauts replace batteries

Exit from the ISS - astronauts replace batteries

With their departure from the international space station ISS, two U.S. Astronauts got off to a marathon start.

The two americans christina koch and andrew morgan replaced old batteries with new and more powerful lithium-ion batteries on the ISS’s aft wall.

After the successful mission, which lasted more than six hours, the two astronauts returned to the interior of the ISS.

The mission, 400 kilometers above the earth, was intended to improve the energy supply to the ISS, as the US space agency announced on sunday.

Inside the space station, the team around esa astronaut luca parmitano supported the work. The italian had taken command of the space station a few days ago. Besides parmitano, three americans and two russians live and work on the outpost of humanity.

The work is to be continued with four more auben missions in october; the astronauts are then to leave the ISS five more times in november and december for other repair work.

According to nasa, the full schedule for eaves operations is very unusual. According to the space agency’s plan, two astronauts will disembark from the ISS each week in october for strenuous work lasting several hours. During an auben mission, the space travelers burn up to 2500 calories, as nasa announced on twitter. Between operations, the team has to recover, prepare new repairs, and also maintain the vehicle.

In the upcoming series of rescue operations, it was possible on 21. October will see a premiere on the space station: koch and her U.S. Colleague jessica meir will take part in the first all-female mission in the history of the ISS. This was already scheduled for march. However, nasa changed its plans at short notice.

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