Father and sons rescued from the north sea

Father and sons rescued from the north sea

A father and his two sons were rescued from drowning in the north sea in the middle of the night. They had been hiking on the tidal flats and were probably surprised by the tide, a spokesman for the local police said on saturday.

"The save was in the very last second," reported the sea rescuers. At just before 11 p.M. On friday, a young man heard cries for help from the tidal flats and alerted the police, according to the german society for the rescue of shipwrecked people (dgzrs). The sea rescuers jolted out with a boat and a helicopter near the lower saxony community of butjadingen.

Shortly after, they discovered a 39-year-old father in the light of the searchlight, who was up to his neck in the tidal current. His two 9 and 15 year old sons he held on the arms. The helicopter could not land because the watt was already covered by the flood. From the boat the rescue workers pulled the father and the two children out of the water.

Had the rescuers arrived only a few minutes later, the three were presumed drowned, said a spokeswoman for the dgzrs on saturday. "In the tidal current the man had not been able to hold on for five minutes", according to the sea rescuers. Sanitarians cared for the rescued.

Whether the father and his sons were tourists, the police spokesman could not say. The north sea was between 20 and 21 degrees during the accident. The current of the tide was the real danger, according to the dgzrs spokeswoman.

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