Fesi chair for narriman

Fesi chair for narriman

The head of brands and patents at sports company puma, neil narriman (47), has been elected chairman of the european sporting goods manufacturers association (fesi). In this role, he will increase the visibility of the industry, accompany the digital transformation and advocate for tougher action against product misrepresentation. This is reported by the company on wednesday.

Narriman, who has worked at puma since 2006 and has been responsible for intellectual property there since 2012, wants to raise the profile of the sporting goods industry with legislators and regulators. It wants to show that it is an important pillar of the european economy. , the sporting goods industry in europe comprises 1800 companies and records an annual turnover of 81.5 billion euros.

Digital transformation is crucial for a successful future for the sector. Retailers, companies, logistics partners and legislators must work hand in hand. And targeting product counterfeiting, which negatively impacts industry sales and poses risks to consumers and the environment, is also an important issue for narriman. Whose term of office has now begun in december and is fixed for a period of three years.

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