Fire department pump replacement, debt reduction and a goodbye

fire department pump replacement, debt reduction and a goodbye

The gemunda fire department is currently not operational because its portable fire engine is defective and can no longer be repaired. The problem is to be solved in such a way that the gemundaer fire-brigade receives the syringe, which is in addition to the firmly installed pump on the dietersdorfer fire-brigade vehicle. The dietersdorf fire department will receive a submersible pump for flood operations and a high-performance air blower to blow smoke out of buildings. This is what the city council decided in its meeting on tuesday. The bottom line is that this will cost the city about 5,000 euros less than the purchase of a new portable fire engine for gemunda, said mayor maximilian neeb (). The dietersdorf fire engine was overhauled only two years ago.

Hospital runs satisfactorily

The flender hospital foundation, which operates the old people’s home in seblach, is developing well: for the past three years, the city has not had to contribute anything to the operation; surpluses are also expected in the coming years. Debt reduction is proceeding according to plan; debt level will be just under 1.5 million euros at the end of the year. 2016 it was still over two million euros. The budget for the current year was unanimously approved.

The building applications of daniel and monika popp (extension to a residential building in merlach) and jorg and jessica barmann (terrace roofing in dietersdorf) were also approved.

In oberelldorf, the redesign of the church surroundings should already have begun. As mayor neeb informed, the work is delayed. The construction company has promised to present a construction schedule by the end of june.

For years, magdalena hofmann was the face of the city administration, at least for those citizens who visited the city hall: there, magdalena hofmann sat in the citizens’ office and passed on concerns as necessary. She had been employed by the city since 1996, initially as a temp in the filing and archives departments. Now she has retired, and mayor maximilian neeb () used the city council meeting to officially bid farewell to the employee. Sb

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