Forchheim: “pack mer’s” celebrates anniversary

Forchheim: 'pack mer's' celebrates anniversary

When the franconian praises, it is usually followed by a well-meant “bassd scho” out of this. But if you want to get something done, sometimes you have to be a little more energetic: “let”s get it done!” for twenty years, this has been the motto and name of the second-hand store in forchheim. This anniversary was celebrated on thursday morning.

Cabaret artist mac harder led through the celebration with cheerful explanations of the french language and the nature of the french people. What makes the second-hand store in franconia so unique was explained by the numerous congratulators, including district administrator hermann ulm (CSU) and forchheim mayor uwe kirschstein (SPD).

At the beginning, managing director gerhard pfister reviewed the last 20 years again. The project had already started in 1993 with an idea of the district working group. A furniture store run by caritas was set up, but soon reached its limits.

In 1998, the foundation of the "pack mer"s" used goods store was laid decided, which on 4. Opened its doors for the first time in january 1999. In the beginning, he was supported by funds from the county"s labor market fund.

After two moves, the geschaft can now be found at haidfeldstrabe 6 since june 2017.Gerhard pfister has been in charge from the beginning. "It was the right decision, said lisa hoffmann, chairwoman of the district working group of public and independent welfare organizations in the district of forchheim, who was involved in the staffing decision at the time.

District administrator ulm emphasized: "social and ecological aspects come together." Finally, "let’s do it" works not only works closely with the jobcenter, but also collects usable sperm gauze. This and the composition of the shareholders are special: the district is involved, as are AWO, the bavarian red cross, caritas and diakonie as representatives of the welfare associations. Wearing the "pack mer’s" of a lot of commitment, which in turn benefits financially and socially disadvantaged citizens in particular. "Pack mer’s needs the people and the people need pack mer’s" mayor kirschstein sums up the importance of the issue succinctly. Pfister emphasized the respectful treatment of everyone and said that the "pack mer’s the used goods store has become a permanent institution in the city and district of forchheim.

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