From pop titan to blogger: dieter bohlen turns 65

From pop titan to blogger: dieter bohlen turns 65

Since the summer, dieter bohlen has been communicating directly with his fans – almost on a daily basis:.

The music producer and casting show judge presents himself in a dazzling mood in short video clips – shaving in the bathroom, working out with hula hoops, or in his studio in front of countless golden records and prizes.

In the meantime, more than 900 people follow him on instagram.000 people have followed the entertainer, who over 30 years ago became known as one half of modern talking. At the end of january, the skilful self-marketer even received the "golden blogger" award, which he immediately acknowledged in a clip with "da freut der dieter sich!" Commented.

Today (7. February), the ever-tanned, blond musician turns 65. He still likes to wear hoodies in bright colors, but now he pays more attention to diet and fitness. It is not known whether the "pop titan," as not only RTL calls him, will celebrate with his girlfriend and their two children in his villa in totensen in lower saxony.

For 16 years, his platform has been the TV station RTL, where he has presented himself as head judge on "deutschland sucht den superstar" (DSDS) and on "supertalent". "Dieter bohlen is authentic, honest and funny, and incredibly popular with viewers," RTL’s head of entertainment tom sanger told dpa. "What we like about him is that he has a very good feel for mass tastes, even across generations."With more than four million viewers, the current DSDS season is well above last year’s figure, sanger emphasizes.

Bohlen used to comment on performances by DSDS contestants with phrases like "you sound like a sheep peeing on an electric fence". The commission for the protection of minors in the media (KJM) has repeatedly accused RTL of deliberately ridiculing DSDS contestants in front of an audience of millions. In the meantime, the father of six children – three of whom are now adults – is usually mild-mannered. "Alles kase, kasekuchen," was his verdict after a candidate’s miserable vocal performance. Or: "rough face, nothing behind it."

In his books, the business graduate, who grew up in east frisia, also mocked colleagues from show business. In the meantime, the man with the macho image no longer attacks other celebrities so harshly. However, bohlen provoked outrage when, during his statement on the disappearance of sanger daniel kublbock on a cruise ship, he wore a shirt with the inscription "be one with the ocean" of all things.

In view of the fate of his former DSDS protege, who had probably jumped into the sea, many thought that this was in bad taste. It was a mishap, he had not paid attention to the inscription, bohlen apologized afterwards.

Bohlen retires as a music producer? Just under a year ago, he ended his longstanding collaboration with hit star andrea berg. Vanessa mai and bohlen had already parted ways by the end of 2017. "I am grateful to dieter for many things," says the 26-year-old sanger today. "If he doesn’t like something, he says so straight out. I appreciate this quality in him very much."On his birthday, she wished him "only the best, continued great professional success and that he and his family enjoyed life happily and in good health".

RTL relies on the youthfully styled entertainer even beyond his 65th birthday. Birthday out. "In 2020, dieter bohlen will celebrate his 30. Show season – 17 seasons of ‘DSDS’ and 13 seasons of ‘das supertalent’ – and his 500th birthday. Celebrate appearance as a juror," announces entertainment boss sanger.

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