Gratitude for roland kluttig

Gratitude for roland kluttig

Carolin herrmann "this is no reason for me to jump over the table for joy." Nevertheless, at yesterday’s press conference on the surprise move of coburg’s general music director roland kluttig to the graz opera house (see tageblatt, 8./9. December) to emphasize the positive aspects. When artists from coburg are brought to larger houses, as was the case with bodo busse, it is always also "an award for us, for our theater."

Roland kluttig has developed the philharmonic orchestra of the landestheater into an outstanding sounding body in the ten years of his work here, which can compete with larger and more important orchestras. The fact that he is now moving to a renowned house that is twice as big as the one in coburg and has three times as many visitors is not to be blamed on him. The fact that kluttig won’t be leaving for another year and a half makes it possible to find a good successor.

The new director of the landestheater, bernhard loges, pointed out that it could hardly be called surprising when kluttig, who has dominated the house for ten years in this capacity, leaves one day.

Administrative director fritz fromming called it "totally unusual", how roland kluttig had worked together with his colleagues with his sense for people. Despite all the sadness about his last-minute decision, he deserves thanks above all, according to all three spokesmen.

Surprising offer

Roland kluttig himself made it clear how difficult it was for him to make the decision, which he did not actually make until friday morning. "What we have built up here together with bodo busse and continued with his successor bernhard loges, internally as well as in the relationship to the city, that is quite unique. This will remain for me one of the most beautiful times of my artistic life."

The offer from graz, where kluttig in march of this year the production of paul dukas’ "ariane et barbe-bleue and where he had been in charge in 2019 for "konig roger" the decision to engage karol szymanowski came as a great surprise. The grazer opera got a new chief conductor only last year. He accepted, says kluttig, because he has even more extensive repertoire possibilities in graz. "The opera house in graz is the second house in austria after the vienna state opera. The orchestra has a hundred members, the choir is twice as large as in coburg."

Kluttig was convinced that the landestheater coburg will continue to do very well, despite the upcoming general renovation and other problems. Because it is in the best possible position." – apart from the spatial conditions. "I am guaranteed to be the only GMD in the world without my own office. That only to the critical questions, why the landestheater needs so much space now."

Since kluttig will not be moving to graz until the 2020/21 season, there is sufficient time to "first clarify the rules of procedure for the GMD search" together with the theater committee, according to administrative director fromming. There was no shortage of candidates, but many had their eyes on coburg. He could imagine opening the symphony concerts next year for guest conductors, so that not only the orchestra is included in the decision. The public could also take part in the final phase.

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