Hamburg hotel murder trial without publicity

Hamburg hotel murder trial without publicity

Right at the start of the proceedings, the district court excluded the public to protect the defendant. Listeners and media representatives were not allowed to come back into the courtroom until the verdict was reached. Half a year ago, the 27-year-old from greece allegedly killed the young woman with countless knife stabs. Her body was badly mangled. Prosecution accuses him of murder for cruelty.

However, the man has severe delusions and is considered incapable of guilt. The public prosecutor’s office therefore wants to have him placed in a psychiatric clinic – until he is no longer a danger to others.

The 23 year old texan had been living in hamburg since june 2011, she wanted to start a study in the hanseatic city. She is said to have met her future murderer in a hotel in august 2011; he had also stayed there once.

On 31. August 2011, the 23-year-old met with the man, according to prosecutors. Around noon, they are said to have gone together to his room in a hotel at the main station, where he had checked in for two nights. "We assume that the woman was stabbed immediately after arriving at the hotel," says senior prosecutor wilhelm mollers. The 27-year-old allegedly stabbed the victim 180 times with a pocket knife.

The parents of the young woman appear in court as joint plaintiffs. Whether they will appear at the trial is not known to the court, said spokesman conrad muller-horn. They were not there on wednesday.

The bloody deed to the 23-year-old was only discovered when the greek attempted suicide. The electrical engineer had fallen from an elevator tower above the S-bahn station at hamburg airport. In his pack, police officers found schussel for the three-star hotel in the district of st. Georg, near the main station. When officers searched his room, they discovered the woman’s corpse. According to mollers, the man also had the 23-year-old’s wallet, passport and cell phone with him.

On wednesday, the 27-year-old’s defense attorney requested that the trial be held in camera. She explained that the accused suffers from paranoid schizophrenia with acoustic hallucinations. The confrontation with a rough crowd in court could aggravate his condition. The prosecution’s motion has already been read out in camera. Several witnesses were also to be heard on the first day of the trial.

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