Idea to bring more under the people

idea to bring more under the people

The road to the extension application was long and tedious. Although the free state made advance payments for the core zones with its state forest, many municipalities had a difficult time. Unfortunately, the discussions that took place in some cases will continue to reverberate for a long time to come. As "nonsense described, for example, bad bruckenau city council members. The image of the indian reservation, to which many felt transported, will continue to circulate over the dinner tables for a long time to come. It is understandable that some municipalities, which are virtually surrounded by core zones and nature reserves, feel restricted in their development. To many rhonians, their home country appears to be a huge compensation area that is only intended to soothe the bad conscience of the booming metropolises with their ever fatter bacon belts.
Even if the predicate
biosphere reserve is not a panacea and creates jobs in other areas as tourism and healthcare are at least as important, the expansion should above all be seen as an opportunity: rhon is setting a good example with the unesco designation and positioning itself as a pioneering region for sustainable development. Nature conservation is only one component, in the biosphere reserves man is not locked out, but may continue to shape his environment. This positive image, this idea of a region that even transcends national borders and the former iron curtain to hold together, should be more in the foreground again.

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