Lack of youth ruled out

Lack of youth ruled out

In the district of bad kissingen, 68 music clubs belong to the north bavarian music association. The average age is 26.3 years, a pleasingly low figure, explained werner hohn. He is the district chairman and vice president of the north bavarian music association. The age group of the over 50s, on the other hand, was less well represented.

"It is good that we have so many musicians in our ranks, especially with a view to the future, hohn is convinced. District youth director johannes geiling also made it clear at the meeting of the north bavarian music association that the bad kissingen district youth wind orchestra (KJBO) is the mainstay of the district youth organization. 51 participants between the ages of 14 and 28 from 26 clubs learned about concert wind music here. The KJBO is also an "educational orchestra" for the clubs. In 2013, the 20-year anniversary of the KJBO will be celebrated in addition to the 20-year anniversary of the northern bavarian brass band youth.

Geiling adds that they try to appeal to the youth by offering recreational activities and by integrating them into the community. "You have to get young people interested in music as early as possible. Good youth work is the be-all and end-all in the association." He is satisfied with the situation for young musicians. But we must not rest on our laurels, we must continue to work. This is the only way to ensure the future supply of young musicians. At the moment, we are in a very good position in this area.

This can also confirm the district chairman dominik sitter with a view to the performance badges. In the spring, the D1 performance badge had been taken in bad bruckenau. 38 of the 40 participants took part in the competition. All had passed. "The children are top prepared in the theory section of the D1 exam. The associations are doing a very good job here", explained sitter. In the fall, a D1 and a D2 course took place at the secondary school. Of the 61 who enrolled, 40 had taken and passed the D1 course; of the 21 who took the D2 course, not all reached the examination goal. Sitter recommended that young people wait a little longer before registering for the D2 course so that they can pass it.

On 23. And 24. November 2013 there will also be a D-course for adults, birgit dohler, chairwoman of the district, explained in the meeting. "We want to offer an incentive so that adults who have not yet taken the exam can get a taste of the theory, she said.

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