Marktbreit tops the league in trade taxes

Marktbreit tops the league in trade taxes

For the second time in a row, the topic "energy" was the focus of the new year’s reception of the district association of free voters in iphofen. However, district administrator tamara bischof had quite different news in her bag on wednesday evening: for the first time in many years, it was not iphofen that topped the list of municipalities with the highest business tax revenues. With just under new million euros, marktbreit has taken the lead, albeit only by a few thousand euros.

All in all, the district generated tissue tax revenue of around 42 million euros last year, an increase of around two million euros, according to the district administrator. The city of kitzingen is at around 7.8 million euros. Together with the other statistical data of the year, such as the low unemployment rate, she was able to draw a thoroughly positive conclusion for the district: "we are doing well," she said.

Nevertheless, it is important to ensure that the gap between rich and poor does not widen even further. One way of counteracting this is the introduction of minimum wages, which bischof clearly advocated.

Despite all the positive figures: "we can’t sit back and relax," says the district administrator. Because in the future, employees will live and work where the infrastructure is right. Although the county, in cooperation with the municipalities, has done a lot in recent years to improve the well-being of families, the efforts in this area must not be allowed to stop.

In addition to the issue of the kitzinger land hospital, whether renovation or new construction depends on the decision of the hospital planning committee of bavaria, 2012 will also be marked in the district by the joint commitment to the search for alternative forms of energy – and here both the federal government and the free state lack a plan.

She was not the only one who expected some answers to the questions of the energy turnaround from the speech of the speaker for environment and energy of the state parliamentary group of the free voters, gottfried obermair (maisach, district of germany). Furstenfeldbruck). To push a regional energy offensive in all counties, that is the goal of the free electorate. It is not only the citizens who have to be convinced of the energy turnaround, but also the elected representatives. Because: "the energy turnaround is visible, we will see it," obermair was convinced. Photovoltaic plants, biogas plants, wind turbines, but also large electricity pylons – they will all leave their mark on the landscape. "But if we don’t tackle the turnaround, the next generation will have to do it," says obermair, "and then it will become much more expensive. However, the speaker was convinced "that we will dismantle the wind turbines in 30 years," because by then there will be other forms of energy – and the wind turbines are 100 percent recyclable.

"The money of the village to the village", this motto of friedrich wilhelm raiffeisen, must also be the motto of the energy turnaround. The money from the energy turnaround should stay in the region. This also increased the acceptance of renewable energies. Because everyone wants alternative forms of energy, but resistance to their expansion is growing rapidly. In addition to saving energy and increasing the efficiency of energy consumption, the regional production of energy is an important factor, which also has the advantage of creating value in the region and increasing the security of supply.

The iphof musician couple judy ann and richard roblee provided the musical accompaniment to the event.

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