Meat to drink in the future from zeil am main?

meat to drink in the future from zeil am main?

Behind the scenes there were contacts already weeks ago, now the work has prospered, so that mayor thomas stadelmann scheduled an aubergewohnliche meeting on an aubergewohnliche topic (as was whispered in the visitor banks at the beginning).

Already knocked in ebern

The company nutrition secure solutions (NSS) is planning a kind of pioneering act, it wants to produce protein drinks that are not made from soy powder, but from meat. In addition to the meat, which will be sourced from local farms, vegetables and a spice mixture will also be processed. The company has the complete license for this product, which two butchers tuffled out.

Architecturally striking

A showcase plant is to be built in zeil, which is to appear architecturally sophisticated. In the long run, the responsible persons plan to distribute and market their products on a franchising basis. The administrative building is then also to be located in zeil. 30 jobs are planned.
There have been talks with the city of ebern in recent months, but ultimately the settlement failed.

Now NSS knocked in zeil. The administration did not take the task lightly, as was heard on the sidelines. Many specifications of such a food processing company have to be checked and researched. Example hygiene: the cleaning of the plants has to be done with quite aggressive agents and polluted waste water is produced in the process.

Zeil insists on its specifications

But, as mayor thomas stadelmann stated at the beginning of the meeting, these are to be pre-cleaned on the company's property. The feed to the zeil-sander clarification plant can only take place after it has been ensured that the clarification plant will not be exposed to any harmful substances.

The city councillors also have their eye on the imissions. Here, too, there must not be any worm or odor contamination for the nearby settlement (in a west-wind location). The site chosen by NSS is not far from the central network area, where another 25 building sites are to be created in the direction of the traffic circle.

NSS was happy to set up shop in the as yet undeveloped "grobera II" industrial area settle. Those flats beyond the already developed area parallel to bundesstrabe 26 (beyond the ditch). The traffic connection of the plant was perfect at the traffic circle and then to the highway.

"Binding assurance"

In the city council on thursday evening, stadelmann emphasized that zeil had given the "binding assurance of the best possible pre-cleaning on the property" want, so that consequential damage for the clear plant in no case entstunden. There should be no burden in any form, the mayor emphasized. And the city councilors remembered the past experience with a company that processed animal material in the industrial area and from which on some days odor pollution had emanated.

Landowners informed

In addition, the land use issues in the "grobera II" still need to be clarified in advance.
In the meeting, the representatives of the SPD, the ueberparteiliche zeiler liste and the CSU (harald kuhn, peter pfaff, adelinde friedrich) were in favor of the settlement if the requirements (cleaning and emission control) were met. Adelinde friedrich also suggested a buy-back right for the city if the project should fail.
A resolution to this effect was unanimously approved by the city council on thursday evening.

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