Minister herrmann promises: from 11. June continues with the weismain bypass

minister herrmann promises: from 11. June continues with the weismain bypass

The mayor of weismain has high hopes for the bavarian interior minister joachim hermann. At the CSU’s political summer in the fire department’s marquee, udo dauer appealed to the minister: "we are heavily in debt and urgently need stabilization aid."
The allocation of requirements must take account of weismain’s unusual situation and special tasks. With a constant population and stable economic power, an allocation was urgently needed.

Arrived despite deadline pressure

The minister promised to work on the problems of weismain. He recalled the groundbreaking ceremony for the weismain bypass last year, at which he had agreed to come to the fire department’s anniversary celebration. He succeeded in spite of the pressure of deadlines. With the announcement that on 11. The mayor, supported by the weismain brass band, toasted the 1,500 visitors and political celebrities with the hope of financial assistance and a successful celebration.
District administrator christian meibner emphasized that the merger of the two voting districts of kronach and lichtenfels had proved successful. Projects in both counties, such as the four-lane expansion of federal highway 173, could be implemented more effectively. A decisive step was the planning approval of the tree removal. Meibner recalled the government’s promise to develop rural areas. "This must also be implemented in our country".

Radio punches remain

The district administrator rode out sharp attacks against right-wing movements and parties. The nazi era must not be used as a political tool. Mdl jurgen baumgartner said it was important to close radio gaps by erecting new radio masts. He gave a positive assessment of the "science campus e-commerce" the baur group as a new, state-required research location in burgkunstadt. The state vocational schools in lichtenfels are also on a forward-looking path with the training for online business management.
Michael bienlein, chairman of the weismain CSU, also spoke in his capacity as chairman of the bavarian farmers’ association. He remembered helmut brunner, who was elected from the 30. October 2008 until 20. March 2018 state minister for food, agriculture and forestry in the seehofer cabinet was. He was skeptical about the new incumbent, michaela kaniber, the minister of agriculture: "she doesn’t know what she’s talking about." But it speaks for itself that it has clearly criticized the plans of the eu commission on the future of european agricultural policy. If the proposals became reality, farmers would not only face painful cuts in funding, but also considerable additional requirements.
As "fire minister joachim herrmann buried the jubilant fire brigade with the words: "for a century and a half they have left no stone unturned here". Rescue and aid organizations are essential pillars of internal security in bavaria.
430,000 of the 450,000 firefighters work on a voluntary basis. 49,000 firefighter trainees testify to outstanding work with young talent. For the support of municipalities and counties, the state government had paid out 184 million euros in claim funds in the past years. The municipalities in the district of lichtenfels received more than 1.6 million euros in the same period. The minister called violence against emergency workers scandalous and demanded harsher punishments. In the crime statistics, 4533 crimes per 100,000 inhabitants were recorded in bavaria in 2017. Nationwide there are 6700. In upper franconia, the number of crimes was 4499 per 100,000 inhabitants, in the district of lichtenfels only 4113, and the clearance rate here was above average at 70.6 percent.
Hermann declared war on international islamist terrorism. This also includes a changed immigration law. Immigration must not exceed 220,000 persons.

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