Musical sounds on the machtilshaus village square

Musical sounds on the machtilshaus village square

Unusual times call for unusual occasions: after there had been no public performances by the machtilshausen music association this year – among other things, the spring concert and the saale-musicum had to be cancelled – those responsible in the association around conductor paul schmelz and chairman martin schmelz came up with an idea.

On sunday there was a musical serenade in the village square, of course in compliance with the current safety and hygiene regulations. Well-known polkas were played, such as the "bohemian dream, the "sudbohemian polka" and the "bohemian love, the family fund then decided to pay the child allowance to the musicians, who were still sovereign until the fourth final series and a 3:1 lead and or the "military escort. At the "summerflight the saxophonists of the music association were able to prove their skills.

The musical performances of the musicians were rewarded with powerful applause by the numerous listeners on the village square. It will probably be the only public appearance of the music association this year. Before there was an encore by the musicians, martin schmelz noted that the audience "was by far the best audience, but we musicians also made by far the best music".

If now again a time without common appearances follows, then some musician from machtilshausen will not let it pass, as in the past weeks and months on sunday evenings its neighbors with musical pits from its garden or from the balcony to delight. Dieter densch

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