Norbert birkner joins for new list

The youngest political force in the community of adelsdorf, the "adelsdorfer burger- und wahlerinitiative" (adelsdorf citizens’ and voters’ initiative), is preparing itself with great optimism, preparing for the municipal election campaign. In march 2020, the "adelsdorfer burgers" want to to run in the elections for the municipal council and also to put up a candidate for mayor.

At the group’s youngest members’ meeting at the scharold inn in aisch, incumbent local councillor norbert birkner explained that he plans to become a member of the "adelsdorfer burgers" in march 2020 to compete. This is the result of a press report of the initiative.

2014 birkner had been elected via the list of the free voters. He has been an active member of the local council for a total of 23 years. The 62-year-old oldest municipal councillor of the free electorate from the neuhaus district had recently explained his plans to his parliamentary group, but would of course fulfill his electoral mandate until the upcoming municipal elections. In addition to birkner, markus scharold and sebastian kammerer, who is active on the board of TSV neuhaus, also declared their willingness to become involved in the "adelsdorfer burgers" as a candidate to be put up for sale.

Ralf olmesdahl, chairman of the association, was pleased and confident that the "objective style and constructive manner of the ‘adelsdorfer burgers’ will be well received by the voters", not least on the basis of the first interested parties for the list for the municipal council. He was therefore not afraid to gather the 120 signatures of supporters needed for participation in the municipal elections.

"We feel that many burgers want a breath of fresh air", so olmesdahl. He also felt confirmed in this, because at the members’ meeting objective and constructive discussions about the politics of the municipality of adelsdorf were held – also with non-members, who had been expressly invited to the meeting. "We are transparent and interested in good debates for a comprehensible policy", said olmesdahl. The exchange ("burger-talk") with the burgers will be intensified in the next months.

First scent marks set

The first political success for the "adelsdorfer burgers" was the according to olmesdahl record that in the question of the old aischer school is discussed about alternatives of a demolition. In principle, one is not against a demolition, but one should then disclose the costs for a new building, the costs for a renovation and the costs for a necessary demolition.

Also in the question of the building area at the reuthsee in adelsdorf with hundreds of building sites, one had contributed to the fact "that the mayor and his councillors perhaps did not have it quite as comfortably as they would wish" by critical inquiries on the occasion of the flooding after heavy rain in the adjoining existing roads, said olmesdahl

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