Now the zigzagging can continue

Now the zigzagging can continue

Not everyone can move an entire factory in three days. The A creative embroidery already. But that only works if everyone helps out together. From the apprentice to the bosses.

And as with the takeover of the then insolvent fahnenfabrik meinel, the current move from mannsflur to marktleugast was handled by the company itself: trucks were rented, the nine multi-head embroidery machines weighing several tons were dismantled, hauled, driven and reassembled from morning to night. Bales of fabric and embroidery machines hauled around and a whole bunch of boxes with patterns, templates and ornaments moved around.

To ensure that no time was lost, the employees and their families drove small parts themselves in their private cars.

Production could be resumed on the fourth day. Even if not everything is quite finished yet: the jobs are there and have to be done on time, says managing director birgit rodler.

After work, she still stands at the computer-controlled embroidery machines and sets them up to embroider emblems for a rough sporting goods manufacturer. Another machine embroiders coats of arms for a fire department.
Doris rau operates further machines. In between, electricians scurry back and forth, connecting more machines and the rest of the electrical equipment in the new company building.

Over time, the space in the previous mannsflur town center became far too cramped at just under 700 square meters. And the five shareholders of A were therefore happy to be able to buy the building of the former nordofa, now with a total area of 1,000 square meters, two kilometers away at the entrance to marktleugast.

Proven loyalty to the site

Changing the location and leaving the frankenwald was out of the question, says birgit rodler: "all 26 employees come from the area." Because the continuity and the know-how of the staff is an important part of the production quality and thus of the economic success.

"We cannot afford a new building", the managing director plays down the success of the company. "That's why the decision was made for the old north ofa."

However, there was some work to be done in the building in need of renovation since may before the move, which caused additional expenses: the floor was contaminated with asbestos and had to be replaced completely. The roof was also renovated, "something we hadn't expected", says birgit rodler.

Windows and heating are also new, the entire building is equipped with energy-saving LED lamps and a ventilation system that extracts dust fibers and supplies fresh air, thus improving the indoor climate.

"We have never cleaned our whole life as much as after leaving mannsflur", birgit rodler thinks back to the three days of moving, when they had to get hold of all the fluff and threads that had accumulated behind shelves and machines over the past eight years.

In the other production room christine zapf is grinning all over her face at a time-honored embroidery machine: "finally there is enough room for us and our machines."

Old, but well preserved

In their department they use almost museum-like machines, sturdily built industrial devices, which practically do not break down, and for which there are no modern constructions either. But without such a crank embroidery machine, for example, A could not produce mutzen, which put a rhenish carnivalist in a foolish mood. 100 pieces are waiting for their completion.

And the heimat- und burgerverein overath in north rhine-westphalia can soon adorn itself with its new flag. A unique embroidery with a lot of handwork.

Birgit rodler proudly enters an adjoining room: "we finally have a small kitchen for our employees." The buror rooms on the first floor are currently off-limits for viewing. "There is still a lot to be done" she says. Also a piece of the facade is still rusty, until the painters are finished.

Until 16. September, however, everything should be ready. Saturday is the day for the opening ceremony. In a tent on the new company grounds: "talking to officials, that's part of it – and also with the church's blessing. We already attach importance to this."

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