Once again a heiber fight in the brose arena

Once again a heiber fight in the brose arena

The brose basketball team continues its upward trend? After winning four games in a row across all competitions, the bamberger expect the telekom baskets from bonn on sunday (6 p.M.), with whom they have had many exciting battles over the past decades. And that will probably be the case in the 74. Comparison (47 wins bamberg – 26 bonn) of the two teams so be.

Bonn team a wonder

The bonn supporters have also experienced a rollercoaster of emotions this season: after the lifeless performance against oldenburg and the 78-98 home defeat, top thrower ra’shad james and his team-mates were sent off by the fans with a shrill chorus of whistles. Three days later, it was a completely different story in the champions league: despite the 92-99 defeat after a loss to iberostar tenerife, the top team in group B, the critical bonner audience gave their team a lot of applause for their fighting spirit and a courageous performance.

"After this game we don’t have to reproach ourselves, it could have gone differently in the end. Whether it was a turning point can only be seen later. It was certainly a positive sign," emphasized sports, sports manager michael wichterich told the bonner generalanzeiger newspaper.

After this best performance of the season, the team of coach predrag krunic, which due to injuries with G-league champion olivier hanlan and the serbian national player stefan bircevic has two new players in its ranks, travels to bamberg with a broad chest and wants to argue the fourth in the table once again. "If we play with the same attitude and intensity, we’ll still be the champions, says wichterich "but we can work on a chance to win again with calf-pressing and everything that goes with it – and maybe we’ll use it this time."

Although the bamberg team is ahead of the team around leader josh mayo in almost all relevant statistics – the baskets are only slightly better in the three-point percentage – full concentration is required, especially on defense. In wednesday’s 75-65 win in fuenlabrada, the team of coach ainars bagatskis showed a clear improvement, especially in the last quarter (23:12), but continued to show serious weaknesses in the pick-and-roll defense.

With an average of 90.3 points, the individual quality of tyrese rice, augustine rubit and stevan jelovac in the bundesliga usually makes things run smoothly. And also the team play has improved in recent weeks in the now complete team, although one of the seven foreigners must sit out. If the brose boys keep up their strong performances, the fifth home win should be perfect on sunday around 8 p.M.

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