Peter munch wants to become mayor of heroldsbach.

Peter munch wants to become mayor of heroldsbach.

"In front of the house of a minister stands rarely one, completely differently with the burgermeister" – this advice was given by environment minister thorsten glauber () to peter munch at the joint nomination meeting of the free voters of heroldsbach-thurn and the free voters of oesdorf. The 45-year-old head of the municipality of buttenheim and councillor in heroldsbach was unanimously elected by the 26 voters as their candidate for the office of mayor.

He knows the ticking

"The applicant knows what makes administration tick", had -county chairman manfred hummer previously presented the candidate. Munch is a man of public administration through and through. In addition to his regular career training, he completed a degree in business administration and acquired the additional qualification of municipal energy manager, which only 50 bavarians have to date.

So it is understandable that in munch’s election program the expansion of photovoltaics and the CO2-neutral heating of public buildings are high on the agenda. "I don’t want to fool the burger, he emphasized, but already gave the administration things to do: the changed general working hours had to be reflected in the community’s opening hours as well. Once a month, therefore, the offices also had to be occupied on a saturday morning.

Barrier-free access to public buildings, more digital administration and WLAN hotspots are all part of his agenda. In addition, he wants to create the position of an honorary commissioner. He also wants to take account of the changes in the world of work through flexible vacation care, free kindergarten fees and a forest kindergarten. His idea of a cleanliness offensive "no mull in nature" received special applause from the assembly.

Munch pays on his family

The support of his family is important to munch. That already proved his presentation with pictures of his family. This personal orientation may also have been the inspiration for considerations on a local building land model. -local chairman inge piroth asked for support for munch’s ideas, in order to create a spirit of optimism in heroldsbach and all of its districts.

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