Rethink decision!

The discussion about the planned company settlement on the site next to the women’s ground hall in ebern:

i was astonished to learn that the majority of the ebern city council approved the sale of the land around the frauengrundhalle. There is a "startup" with 15 to 20 jobs (presumably in the low-wage sector) advertised and already one is ready to enchant a piece of land that can still be of great importance for the development of the city in the future. In a question of such immense importance for the development of the town, one must not allow oneself to be put under pressure, even if the company is allegedly still in negotiations with other locations (at this point, the discussions about the "lidl" supermarket must not be forgotten)-site a few years ago).
A bad feeling creeps in, someone wants to secure a foundation with enormous development potential first and foremost?
Not to be misunderstood, i am not at all against the settlement of this company, because jobs are always important for a municipality like ebern. However, I do not understand how the sale was decided and why the public was informed about it so late.
Transparent and forward-looking local politics look different!
George barth

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