Rob or flop? Opposition speaks of smoke and mirrors

Rob or flop? Opposition speaks of smoke and mirrors

Drauben in the district and also in the streets and alleys of bamberg it was undoubtedly foggy on monday morning. Arguments are now going on about the fog content indoors, in the district office, where the environment committee met. From "smoke and mirrors the district council candidates andreas schwarz (SPD) and bernd fricke (grune) spoke in identical terms – without agreeing with each other. Smoke candles rounded up district administrator johann kalb (CSU). Environmental and transport policy fog, to be precise.

Diversionary maneuver or serious suggestion toward a regional bus station in bamberg? Rob or flop? This is the question.

"We took a look at the bus stations in amberg and forchheim. The flat that is envisaged in our case is already a clearly different one there", district administrator kalb reported to the district councils without going into detail.

Only when we asked, traffic planner markus hammrich from the district office later gave figures. And they are clear: in amberg, 30 bus lines stop at a maximum of 20 bus platforms on a 5100 square meter area. Converted to 255 square meters per bus platform. There is even more space in forchheim. The rough concept rob bamberg envisages 20 bus stops on a flat of around 3100 square meters. That means only 160 square meters per bus platform. The bottom line: it could get crowded at the bamberg train station. "A very dense arrangement of bus platforms carries the risk of regular problems in the traffic and operational flow", hammrich explained.

Amberg has shown that a buffer for future increases makes sense. Because the local transport plan, which is currently being voted on, will result in "considerably more bus traffic coming into bamberg in the future than before". Also the simultaneous "vertaktung with the railroad increase the demand. "The rob implementation in bamberg must reflect all this and also the changing mobility behavior", concluded landrat kalb, who questioned the targeted location. Innovative mobility ideas required innovative concepts. The current concept is ten years old. "Not that you wait until 2030 and then you find out that what was thought in 2007 is not the real thing after all."

2030 as a date and a threat

2030. There it was again. This distant date, which is buzzing around all discussions about a regional bus station. By then, the railroad wants to have completed its route expansion in bamberg. So by then, the land that is envisaged as a rob should have been cleared. To the left of the station: this is where material, machines and wagons are to be stored during the rail expansion project.

2030. Do buses still drive until then at all? Innovative future concepts for transportation – such as those presented at the county’s mobility summit in baunach – had to be considered in the rob’s sketches, kalb demanded, suggesting that external consultants be brought in. It may be possible to build on several levels.

The district administrator can also imagine a special-purpose association between the city and the district in the area of opnv, as in amberg. His conclusion: "the conception for a rob in bamberg must be discussed with the city of bamberg in a timely manner and without any thought prohibitions."

The comments of the district administrator met with mixed reactions: max-dieter schneider (SPD) thought it was good to "expand the search radius", when the railroad blocks. The proximity to the train station is of course fundamental. Jakobus kotzner (CSU) agrees: "for me, there is no better location than at the station itself." The opposition’s candidates for county council took a critical view of the incumbent’s revisions. Both spoke of smoke candles. "It doesn’t make any sense at all to look for another location", said bernd fricke (grune). All traffic concepts called for the rob at the station. "This is to be the mobility hub of our opnvs." Passengers should have to change trains as little as possible. The date 2030 is simply unacceptable. "If the district administrator now wants to open himself up to other locations and concepts, then it is to be feared that he has not understood why we need the rob." It will not be possible to build a new train station. SPD candidate schwarz also sees a smokescreen rounded off to divert attention from failures in the last six years: "this has to be negotiated hard with the railroads. Nothing comes from nothing", he warned. He doesn’t see any shortcomings on the part of his party colleague, bamberg’s mayor andreas starke: "the county is responsible for traffic in the county. It is about county residents." It is necessary to present the railroad with clearly elaborated rob concepts.

The city of bamberg writes: "the building department states that the current proposed site is still the ideal location for the construction of an ROB from the city’s point of view. There is also a traffic feasibility study for this location. The rough was fully up to today’s top times and had the potential to compensate for a future expected increase in regional bus usage of approx. 20 percent well received. However, all details (dates and costs) remain closely dependent on the further progress of the DB’s plans. It is still the city’s goal to build the ROB in the course of a coordinated construction process for the railroad extension through the city area or through the city center. To be realized in connection with the new construction of the zollnerstrabe railroad overpass."


It helps to drive slowly in the fog and to know the course. Nobody knows the way to a bamberger rob. And by too high speed, the administrations in the city and county have so far not been conspicuous in the topic. On the contrary. Both sides point to the other when things get serious. In this respect, a special purpose association opnv, as proposed by the county council, would be a good thing. Cooperation works well with the grammar schools, too. The rich county pays and drives, the poor city builds and profits. That would also be something at the opnv. The ideas about alternative locations for the rob also make sense – on one condition: if they only serve to stall for time and distract from the core problem, it’s really just an electoral smokescreen. The wahler but usually have a surprisingly good track for it. Political fog lights, so to speak.

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