Robot duo could search for water on the moon

Robot duo could search for water on the moon

The four-wheeled moon rover "sherpa" had the task of bringing the six-legged climbing robot "crex" to the edge of deep craters on the south pole of the moon, the german research center for artificial intelligence (DFKI) announced on monday.

Scientists think it is possible that there is frozen water in the deep crevices of the rocks. The 3.7 million euro robot team was co-financed by the federal ministry of economics and technology and tested on a 288 square meter artificial moonscape at the DFKI.

Both robots are connected via an interface through which they share energy and information. ""Sherpa"" and "CREX" can act as a single system, but work completely independently of each other when they are separated," said project manager florian cordes. The "sherpa," who weighs about 160 kilograms, was able to set his 27-kilogram companion down at the edge of a crater and order him to descend the slope. According to the head of the research group, prof. Frank kirchner, can also be deployed on earth, for example in the search for raw materials in the deep sea.

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