Rossini trio as a permanent trump card at the “horbich” wine festival

Rossini trio as a permanent trump card at the

"A great festival with good weather and great music", emphasizes the bassist, judged tim seifert and dominik schimkus, who had been at the "weinfest auf der horbich" for the first time stayed. You didn't come alone, but with about 30 members of the fahr am main boys' club. The small town on the mainschleife is no stranger to wine festivals. In this respect, the statement is a real compliment.

Indeed, the organizers of the fifth edition of this event could not have chosen better. The weather was kind to them, the visitors came from all directions and the atmosphere was great – which was not least due to the "rossinis" is due to the fact that after several appearances at the stadtteil-weinfest already a subscription was allowed to book.

What drove the mainfranken from fahr to the vorderrhon, which can actually celebrate the wine festivals in front of their hausture? "We went by bus to the kreuzberg", explains seifert "not to pray, but to hike", he adds. "A colleague of our chairman comes from untererthal, he invited us and that's why we stopped by on the way back", he reveals.

"Drop by" was allowed to be understated. For the brave lads were still celebrating when the church tower bell struck the midnight hour. "We've never been to this area before and it's just great with you guys", schimkus defended the "somewhat longer stay". "But our wine from the mainschleife is still the better", he revealed, he scribbles afterwards.

The fire department and the untererthal musicians did a good job as organizers of the wine festival, and the local winegrowers klaus and robert schafer and their families had their hands full coping with the onslaught. But when it comes to celebrating, no one can fool the tried-and-tested people of the district of marktbreit.

Oldie hits and charm
With the rossini trio, they also had a trump card in their hands that can build on unpaid fans in the region. After the chairman of the musicians, tobias popp, and the wine princesses antonia muller from hammelburg and marlene buttner from wirmsthal had buried the guests, the eubenheimers really got going. Oldies from the times of peter kraus and ted herold were the order of the day, titles like "marina", "buena sera, signorina" and the hits of the italian singer adriano celetano put music fans of all ages in a good mood and the dancing couples didn't have to wait long for them.

Recipe for success: the chemistry is right
Bassist and keyboarder bernd hobmann, guitarist and trumpeter uwe hartmann and drummer johannes schmitt are crafty professionals who like to kiss the ladies' hands while they play or, like hobmann, flutter flattering compliments into their ears while standing on the double bass. "They are very nice boys", a dumbfounded visitor from swabia was taken with the idea.

"The chemistry is right with us" emphasizes the bassist, who has been playing with hartmann for 25 years. Hobmann explains the rossinis' recipe for success, with 160 performances on the calendar this year – including events in austria and switzerland: "if you as a musician can choose a partner, either another good musician or a friend, take the friend, then it works out", he says and grins.

Another highlight of the saturday evening, which was attended by about 500 guests, was the wine weigh-in. Based on the sold lots, lucky fairy marie heilmann drew a lot, whose owner was weighed on an oversized scale with wine from the winery schafer. Presenter andreas heilmann announced the winner as luise rauschmann, who was almost on her way home. The untererthal woman climbed the scales and was weighed in with 57 bottles of wine, which "almost makes it possible to have your own wine festival", as one envious visitor remarked.

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