Rough construction site: highway bridges near thurnau to be rehabilitated

The highway bridge over the friesenbachtal, which was built back in 1961, is getting on in years. With a width of "only eight meters and a span of 110 meters, it is now much too narrow to be a freeway. In addition, tension steel has been installed in the bridge, as georg muller, who is responsible for the construction of bridges at the autobahndirekton nordbayern, explained to the city council on monday evening.
"It is a material that is at risk of stress cracking", said muller. In plain language, this means that the bridge can "fail abruptly". The friesenbachtal bridge near thurnau is therefore to be renewed as early as next spring. Just like the highway bridge over the KU 17 county road that leads to limmersdorf. The twin bridge over the friesenbach valley, which was first built during the expansion of federal highway 505, remains untouched.
The limmersdorfer strabe must be completely closed during the entire construction phase. The detour will be made via a new road through the industrial area east, which will be connected to the thurnau-east junction.
It is already clear that there will be obstructions and total road closures. Cyclists will also be unable to pass the construction site for the time being, muller warned the council in advance, and explained details of the construction of the bridge on the A 70 motorway.
Klaus forster () objected that the people responsible for the new bridge construction should also think about the constant clack-clack noises. "A freeway will always be heard. We can’t get rid of the alarm completely", emphasized thomas pfeifer, head of the freeway department. "Have we ever thought about reduced speeds??", asked jurgen kieslich (CSU). And veit pohlmann (FDP) also announced his intention to fight for improved protection against larvae.
But the rehabilitation of the friesenbachtal bridge is not the only mammoth project that the highway authority in thurnau has in mind. It is also necessary to completely relocate the highway near thurnau on a long of three kilometers.

The underground slides

"We have big problems with geology. For we have active gleitzonen in connection with feuerletten. The ground moves two centimeters a month – and it’s getting faster and faster.", declared pfeifer. The relocation of the freeway route costs 30 to 40 million euros, and includes a completely redesigned eastern exit including two traffic circles. The planning approval procedure is to be initiated quickly. In response to a question from dietmar hofmann (SPD/OL), pfeifer stated that building permits for the laying of the route would be in place as early as 2019 and that the project could be implemented as of 2020. "The exact plans will be presented in the next six weeks", says pfeifer.

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