Situation better than expected

The annual accounts for the 2016 financial year turned out pleasingly well, apart from the increase in costs for youth welfare services. District chamber rainer dippold spoke yesterday in the district committee of a significantly more favorable development of the financial situation.
Dippold particularly emphasized that it was possible to completely forego borrowing in 2016. The debt could be reduced by about 3.184 million euro. At the end of the budget year, the district's debt stood at 20.95 million euros. As district administrator klaus peter sollner explained, the debt has thus been reduced by around nine million euros in the last ten years, also thanks to stabilization aid of around five million euros.
Sollner pointed out that many subject areas are "at the limit" the school has experienced an extreme loss of management staff and young administrators have moved to municipalities or other institutions.
Veit pohlmann (FDP) considered it necessary for the municipalities to receive a permanent financial allocation from the free state in the future. District administrator sollner referred here to the increase in key allocations and the demand programs that were launched by the free state and also by the federal government with a dream demand rate of 90 percent: "under finance minister soder, the financial situation of the upper franconian communities and cities has improved decisively."
Gerhard schneider (CSU) showed for the "kaffeesatzleserei" from pohlmann no understanding: "sometime it is once enough. You can talk everything down. We have an excellent annual financial statement and a good economic situation in bavaria." His colleague in the parliamentary group, martin berneuther, confirmed schneider's statements: "with the city construction funds and the other demand programs, the free state has laid a good foundation."
District administrator klaus peter soller also announced that the government's legal supervisory approval of the 2017 budget was granted by letter dated 6. July took place.

Subsidy for the music school

For the music school kulmbach a voluntary allocation of 50,000 euros to the city of kulmbach was approved, the market grafengehaig receives a grant of 6100 euros for the purchase of a multi-purpose vehicle.
In the non-public meeting the service contract with the company drechsler was approved, which from 1. October will dispose of the electrical waste.
A new solution is also being sought for the acceptance and resale of old mobile homes. Here the district already has offers from charitable institutions. 

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