Six mice at the marche guessing game

Six mice at the marche guessing game

If the people of munich and visitors now see mice in many shop windows, it has nothing to do with a rodent plague. The cute little animals are the basis of this year’s marchen-ratspiel of the trade association "kaufhaus" murmurs.

"There are six different mice that we have distributed in the windows of the 19 participating stores", christine schikora explains. Each mouse carries a name tag with it. The children have to fill in their names on the entry cards, which are then used to compile the team’s team total. By the way, they are real munnerstadter mice, because the animals are a creation of christine schikora.

The participation cards are available in the participating stores, where they can also be filled out and returned. There are munnercards (vouchers) worth 300 euros to be won.

The drawing of the winners will again take place on the saturday before the fourth advent, this year on saturday, 22. December, at 11 a.M. On the market square in munnerstadt. On this day, christmas sounds will again be played by the schoolchildren of the city music school. Future Q11 graduates sell gluhwein and bratwurst at the same time. The advent gallery at the behrschmidt estate on the market square has also opened.

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