State exhibition 2017 at the veste coburg

state exhibition 2017 at the veste coburg

With the luther decade, the lutheran churches commemorate martin luther’s posting of the theses in wittenberg in 1517. This publication marks the beginning of the reformation. But the state exhibition in coburg is intended to look beyond luther: the entire epoch between the late middle ages and modern times, marked by social and political upheavals, is to be presented.

Second mayor norbert tessmer (SPD), who is in charge of the coburg events for the luther decade, did not miss the opportunity to announce the good news himself on wednesday. Coburg is hosting a state exhibition for the second time in 20 years: in 1997, it hosted the show "a dukedom and many crowns to see.

The fact that coburg was chosen once again also has to do with the fact that there are numerous exhibits on the reformation here. For reformer martin luther lived at the fortress for a good six months, awaiting the outcome of the augsburg reichstag in 1530.

The state exhibitions are organized by the haus der bayerischen geschichte (house of bavarian history). City of coburg and the coburger landesstiftung will support the exhibition. One of the people who paved the way for the 2017 state exhibition to be held in coburg was city councillor hans-herbert hartan (CSU), who is a member of the executive board of the state foundation and in this capacity sits on the advisory board of the house of bavarian history. For four years, he had raised the issue again and again, he said.

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