Sweeping the streets when necessary

Every citizen has to sweep on saturday, it was written in the ordinance about the keeping clean and cleaning of the public roads and sidewalks, explained michael pfundt, the managing official of the market igensdorf. A citizen had filed a complaint against this model ordinance and was proven right. The road may be swept when necessary, for example on fridays when it is dirty.
Now the statutes have been adapted, as michael pfundt explained. One of the changes concerns the sinkholes, which the citizens were pleased about. These should be cleaned by the residents themselves. Igensdorf undertook one cleaning a year. It has now been ruled that these cesspools belong to the canal and therefore do not have to be cleaned by the burgher. "Sweeping dirt into it is still not allowed", warned mayor wolfgang rast (IU). If, according to the bylaws of the musters at the time, the lawns were to be watered to prevent dust formation during dry periods, this is now no longer permitted. "The water saving is more important", pfundt explained this change.

Operating agreement

The association of operators that exists with the protestant kindergarten in igensdorf is now also to exist for the catholic one in stockach. 100 children currently attend igensdorf kindergarten. 10 000 euro per year the market igensdorf pays therefore subsidy for the current structural maintenance. Pastor heinz hofmann was, as the evidence shows, also always put the money into the kindergarten. Now the catholic kindergarten is also to receive a subsidy of 7500 based on the number of children (75).
The kindergarten had settled because the clay soil underneath had dried out. Epoxy resin was therefore injected. 

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