Swiss post: data processing in rough style

swiss post: data processing in rough style

A poster on one of the aisles sums up the business model of swiss post solutions, or SPS for short: "we connect the physical and the digital world", it says.
The swiss postal service subsidiary specializes in providing information and document processing services to other companies. This usually starts with paper and ends with digital files. "The customer then no longer receives a form addressed to him, but only the digital form", says michael auerbach.

New headquarters

Auerbach is managing director of SPS germany and head of 1313 employees. For five years it has been in bamberg, where the SPS headquarters are located. Originally located on the kronach road. Since april the company address is "am borstig 5", opposite the bosch plant part 4. The two-story building there had already been used by the SPS before. "We have completely renovated and redesigned the buror rooms", reports auerbach. "Now there are 150 jobs more available."
450 employees work here in the north of bamberg, another 295 not far away at michelinstrabe in hallstadt.
SPS customers are usually large corporations: allianz, amazon, siemens, bayer or deutsche bahn are among them. But banks, the AOK and the federal employment agency also use the outsourcing solutions offered by the subsidiary of the swiss postal service.

Data to vietnam

Auerbach keeps quiet about what exactly is done for whom. For some customers, SPS even operates post offices on their premises. Otherwise, the core business is so-called "document input". An example: invoices received by an SPS customer arrive in bamberg at the borstig with the (german) post office, are opened, scanned and read by machine. "What can't be read out goes to vietnam", says auerbach. By this he means the electronic forwarding of scanned data to the sister company SPS vietnam. The 1600 employees there complete what the machines have not fully grasped. This has also been the case since the new EU data protection regulation came into force. "We checked with the authorities. That's possible.", says auerbach.

Deutsche post as a competitor

Admittedly, such mailings are not personalized data. "An application for health insurance is naturally processed here", says the chef from SPS germany.
According to its own figures, the company generates around 40 million euros in sales per year with this type of document management. Total sales of 132 million euros are planned for this year. Another field of activity is the processing of data, i.E. The further processing of the recorded data according to certain rules. "This is not visible to auben. We report with XY-gmbh", explains auerbach.
If new writing is then needed to communicate with the client's customer base, SPS also operates a so-called "document output" – digital by e-mail or online and physical by print and mail. For this purpose, SPS has large printing centers in prien am chiemsee and in dettingen near stuttgart.

"When the customer grows, we grow with it"

"We have had five to eight percent organic growth in recent years", auerbach reports. Only recently, the company took over services from DXC technology and thus strengthened its range of services for the human resources sector (payroll, salary or expense accounting). "We are also growing in stock. When the customer grows, we grow with it", adds auerbach. However, the market is tough. "Stuck prices are falling." The main competitors in this market are deutsche post and the bertelsmann subsidiary arvato.

No more value cards since 2016

SPS no longer offers the production of plastic cards (visa, payback, etc.).A.). The business unit with 200 employees was sold two years ago. "This is a specialized business that did not fit into our portfolio", says auerbach. However, the decrease of 200 employees has already been compensated for.
"If we continue to grow by between five and eight percent, our site capacity will not be sufficient", the boss announces. Growth will then probably take place outside the bamberg region. Also because of the local labor market situation. "You can't get 200 people there at once", says auerbach.

Origins lie with gunther druck and GHP

Entry the swiss postal service has been active in france since 2006. At the time, it had become a majority shareholder in the GHP group of companies, which employed more than 1,000 people in the bamberg region. In the fall of 2008, the swiss company acquired all shares in GHP.

GHP, on the other hand, originated from gunther druck, a company founded in 1953. From 1999, the name united the foundation company, the envelope company pfluger kuvert, which was acquired later, and the lettershop hansa werbung, which was founded in 1988. GHP was, among other things, the main sponsor of the bamberger bundesliga basketball team.

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