The children stream into the hall

The children stream into the hall

Handball is in – thanks to the world championship in germany and denmark at the beginning of the year. Millions of spectators in front of their TV sets were rooting for the german team, which played its way into the hearts of the fans with strong performances and into the semifinals. Now many kids want to try handball for themselves. Thus the TV marktleugast experiences an influx like never before. "The rush of kids can hardly be stopped", trainer peter frankmolle is pleased. "Even more important than the performance of our national team was the live broadcast on public television", he and sandra dietrich, two of the four main coaches in charge of children’s handball at TV marktleugast, believe.

The club from the frankenwald has been a regular guest in the elementary schools of the kulmbach district for a few years now with a taster training session. While only a handful of children could be convinced of this fast and athletic sport in the past, the number has increased significantly in the meantime.

The trainers from marktleugast took advantage of the opportunity and were even active in the elementary school during the world cup "with extraordinary success", says peter frankmolle. More than 30 new boys and girls have found their way to the triple sports hall in marktleugast to play handball. "They are enthusiastic and eager to train and try to imitate the TV heroes. Everything done right", so the conclusion of peter frankmolle, who is among other things active as a child handball adviser of the BHV upper franconia.

The lively training program at TV marktleugast continues to spread and even now some curious children and their parents appear in the hall. And because there are so many of them, the club has reacted by hiring new youth coaches and booking more hall time with the local authority in order to offer everyone an age-appropriate and varied training program.

During the vacations, it’s the turn of the eight to twelve year olds on wednesdays and the six to eight year olds on thursdays. Despite the usual rush, peter frankmolle says: "more newcomers are always welcome."

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