The face of the burgerbegehrens

the face of the burgerbegehrens

Alrun lintner from munnerstadt is currently the face of the citizens’ petition against the demolition of the local indoor swimming pool. Almost every day, she stands for several hours in front of the entrance to the grocery store in the lower au and promotes the cause. Alrun lintner’s experiences are predominantly positive.
For three weeks now, alrun lintner has been standing at her information stand in front of the food market. "I have there the ear on the burger", she says. And what they hoard encourages them to continue in their fight for the indoor swimming pool. Those who sign the list for the citizens’ petition would be missing something without the indoor swimming pool, she has noticed. But she also speaks of a powerlessness felt by her speech participants.

Doing something himself

The citizens’ initiative is important to them. For she had the feeling in the past that the arguments of the burghers were not being heard in the town hall. There, a preconceived opinion on the indoor swimming pool was held. Alrun lintner did not like confrontation or hostility. For her, the only thing that matters is that at least a check is made to see if there is a way to preserve the indoor pool beyond demolition. This is what the citizens’ petition.
Alrun lintner has long only listened and followed the indoor pool discussions as a bystander. But now it has decided for itself to do something for the indoor swimming pool as well.

Positive reactions

Day by day it now leads language to the indoor swimming pool. Most people would react very positively, she says. But there are also those who turn away and do not want to hear arguments. But she has also been told that she will be happy when the indoor swimming pool is torn down. However, she emphasizes that these votes are in the minority.
In the meantime, alrun lintner has created a list of sympathizers in addition to the official list of signatures (only local residents of full age are allowed to sign here), in which all those who would like to have the pool back sign. For there were many foreigners who still regret the closure six years ago, as well as underage residents of munnerstadt who would have liked to have their indoor swimming pool back. The list has no legal basis, but it is a sign, says alrun lintner.
The chairman of the burgerbadverein, wolfgang blumlein, is pleased about the commitment of alrun lintner. Thanks to lintner’s help, the collection of signatures is going quite well, says blumlein.

Information stand on market sunday

If the club already has the necessary number of signatures for the citizens’ petition, it is difficult to estimate at the moment, because lists are still available in all parts of the city. But he believes that the chances are good to start the burgerbegehren and to be able to lead to a referendum.
Signatures will be collected at least until the schutzengelmarkt on 4. September collected. On this date is market sunday, and there are usually many visitors in the little town. On this market sunday, the burgerbadverein will once again use information booths to intensively promote the burgerbegehren initiative.

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